Essay Sample on Why English Should Be the Language of Business

Published: 2023-05-01
Essay Sample on Why English Should Be the Language of Business
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Over a hundred countries in the world speak English, meaning that it is almost impossible for someone to do business with other countries if they do not speak English. As the world's most spoken language, English is the language that facilitates trade between English-speaking countries and non-English-speaking countries (McAlpine, 2017). Research has shown that the translation of English to other languages is easier compared to other dominant international languages (McAlpine, 2017). Over 1.7 billion people in the world speak English, which makes the language important for communication with this population when it comes to doing business. This means that English is the most equitable language to the global economy and the reason it will still be the preferred language of business across the globe.

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Most of the global superpowers economically speak English, and trading with these countries demands that contracts and trade deals be conducted in the English language. Since countries such as the US and UK are the major trading partners for most countries in the world, speaking English makes it easy to conduct trade with these countries (McAlpine, 2017). For the business to be conducted with these countries, companies, and parties in business need to have a workforce that can negotiate for business deals in English (Chan, 2020). This means that using translators for business is an additional cost for companies that have a workforce that does not speak English The ability of a workforce to speak English is vital for any business to conduct trade with major English-speaking countries across the globe.

Marketing is part of the business for any trading partner for non-English speaking countries to market their products to English-speaking countries. The non-English speaking countries need to translate the marketing information to English on their brands, which is cumbersome and expensive. The marketing need makes English be the preferred language of business. Hence companies are mandated to have their brands marketed in the English language to reach over 1.7 billion people that speak English across the world (Chan, 2020). Marketing and advertising are among the primary activities for any business to thrive. And since English is the most spoken language across the globe, it means that it should stay as the most preferred language of business since most businesses have to market their products using English rather than other dominant languages of the world.

There are over 7100 languages are present on the internet but most of the content that is marketed on website platforms are English language. This makes it easy for companies to market their products online in the English language than in any other language. English language make it easier for comapnies to reach a broader target audience for their businesses, whether it is a local or international business. English is the largest hub for information across the globe making it one of the most resourceful languages that can be used for business purposes online. As the preferred language for businesses online, English has options for translating content online so that non-English -speaking countries can get information on products online (McAlpine, 2017). English is the most common language online, making most e-commerce businesses use the language to sell and market their products online. The dominance of English online is attributed to the economic power that most companies that market and sell their products using the English language.


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