Free Essay Describing the Detrimental of Donald Trump's Presidency to the US

Published: 2022-05-27
Free Essay Describing the Detrimental of Donald Trump's Presidency to the US
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After the November 8th, 2016 elections, when President Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States of America. Americans and non-Americans since his entry in office examine and analyses Trump's leadership performance and more so the performance of the United States of America. Bearing in mind that America is the superpower involved in many global affairs, the United States performances, therefore, becomes every person's and analysts more so area of focus. The United States power position is admired by many nations, and everyone awaits its downfall or tilt to play on it for self-gains. Although it is an esteemed nation Donald trump leadership has threatened the states diplomatic relations following Donald consecutive sentiments. The United States under Donald's administration had had a negative reputation right from the campaign period when trump came up with questionable foreign policies which he intended to implement immediately after his inauguration, for example, he was to bring a regime change and end some of the nation-building plans that had been put in place.

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Even though Donald Trump's presidency may be applauded by a few diplomats, within the short period that Trump has been leading America, quite a significant number of people have not been impressed with his leadership (Cha, 2016).This leadership has a massive impact on the United States global picture. President Donald Trump has forgotten that despite having the responsibility to serve American citizens, he is a worldwide figure. The United States is a superpower, and the presidency has to handle both the internal and external issues. In 2012, President Obama introduced the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival, a relief policy that would protect immigrants from being deported or facing legal action provided they met the qualifications that had been put in place (Martin, 2017). When Trump was a presidential candidate he vowed that he was going to terminate this policy claiming that it is illegal. Trump has maintained his words, and in 2017 he went ahead to stop the system and left it for the Congress to take action. Stopping the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival did not only portray Donald Trump as a racist, but a good number of nations and organizations have viewed America as the home of racism (Wright, 2016). Trump's plan to have a barrier wall built at the US -Mexico border has made not only the Mexicans but also other nations to give meagre ratings to America.

Donald Trump's decisions have made the diplomatic relations between the USA and other nations to be questionable. Quite a good number of countries have lost trust in his leadership. Trump has exempted America from global partnerships and accords that had previously been put in place. He has terminated the participation of USA in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade, an agreement between USA, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand and Peru that was made in February 2016. He has also exited America from the Paris Climate Accords, a climate change agreement that was meant to deal with climate issues such as global warming. Trump has even been threatening to make USA end her nuclear agreement with Iran. These agreement withdrawals have caused a reduction in the trust other nations had in America's presidency and its involvement in global affairs (Thompson, 2016).

People's negative attitude towards President Trump and his policies leads them into lowering the value of America. According to recent researches conducted by Pew Research Center, the ratings of USA have drastically reduced since Donald Trump started his term. Countries that were initially allied to the USA have decreased their confidence in Trump's leadership, for example, in Mexico and Canada. Out of 37 countries that were under research it is only in Russia and Israel where people had confidence in Trump's leadership (Wike, Stokes, Poushter, & Fetterolf, 2017).

When the British Prime Minister invited Trump for a state visit shortly after he was sworn in, many people were against the idea of Trump visiting the state claiming that Trump was embarrassing. The visit had to be rescheduled after deep consultations were made. Similarly, Trump was not honored to address the Westminster Parliament when the speaker depicted him as a racist and a sexist (Wilson, 2017).

Conclusively, the presidency of Donald Trump has been detrimental to the United States of America. Trump has failed to show a significant interest in ensuring that the United States of America being a superpower, fully participates in global affairs hence making people to undervalue the United States. Trump's policies have made people develop hatred towards him and the entire United States. Therefore, an immediate change in the foreign policies that have created tension should be made. President Trump should consider maintaining the good diplomatic relations the USA had before with other countries instead of withdrawing from some of the agreements that were in place he should seek for more agreements that could be useful. Donald Trump should save the face of USA by changing his ideologies about immigrants, something that has made people call him a racist including the whole nation.


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