Free Essay Sample on the Poem of Michael Oliver

Published: 2018-12-11
Free Essay Sample on the Poem of Michael Oliver
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The poem "After Her Death" by Oliver M., is one of the best pieces of art to help those in grief to understand it and overcome it. The poem focuses on the process of the loss and how the person first sees his or her life. It tries to understand personal goal in the time of grief by understanding his or her priorities in navigating through the ordeal. Oliver portrays nature as the source of peace where one can seek solace.

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The trees keep whisperingpeace, peace, and the birdsin the shallows are full of thebodies of small fish and arecontent. They open their wingsso easily, and fly. It is stillpossible.(Oliver, 2010)

As nature solves its problems, so should the man do, as the bird opens their wings and fly so should the man counter what challenges him. At the lowest point there is always a way out or something positive as the in the shallows of water there are small fish. Those going through grief due to loss should use what they have to change their situation positively (Oliver, 2010).

Grief is as a result of something that has been lost, and the person had a great attachment to it. This is the same case with the climate change where humanity has lost what naturally support his life. Due to climate change, the human has lost rainfall, ample climate, and nature that supports his existence. However, Randall sees hope in the time of despair. There is hope to turn things to what was before through grief. Instead of continued grief, humanity needs to take a step that will address climate change. By understanding the grief they are going through, they can be more committed and dedicated to turning around the direction of climate change. Grief and its negatives provide the right model for all individual affected to offer leadership and appropriate support in addressing the prevailing problem (Randall, 2009). It is through this experience that they accept the changes and work towards them.


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