Essay Example My Strange Addiction

Published: 2018-02-14
Essay Example My Strange Addiction
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I find it strange that a human being can be addicted to drinking urine! I find it strange that a person can drink urine with ease, up to five glasses in a day. I discovered that urine drinking has since ancient times been used to maintain health. I discovered that urine drinking could be used in place of chemotherapy for cancer patients. However, there is no evidence that suggests that urine prevents cures or treats cancer. Given that urine is a waste product, it contains toxins such as creatinine and nitrogen, consuming too much of it can lead to kidney failure and dehydration. It is unbelievable that a person would think that urine is a perfect medicine, claiming that it contains vitamins and minerals that are healthy for a human body. I think a person who drinks urine for alleged medicinal purposes should consult a doctor to establish whether there is medical information that supports the use of urine therapy for cancer treatment. Medical information asserts that drinking urine leads to accumulation of toxic wastes in a person’s body. I think a person who resorts to drinking her urine for alleged medicinal purposes is one who has lost faith with conventional medicine. An individual who drinks her urine may be suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is characterized by an individual doing the same thing repeatedly and having no control over their actions. The woman who drinks her urine is unable to control her behaviour because she believes that the urine is cure for her cancer.

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I think an individual would like to look like a doll out of insecurities. A person who has a positive self-esteem would be comfortable in their skin, and they would not want to have a change in their physique, more so through plastic surgery. I think a person who resorts to plastic surgery is one who has feelings of inadequacies that are deep-seated and stem from childhood experiences and upbringing. A person who desires to look like a doll is probably one who has been teased by her peers from childhood due to her unappealing looks! I think a living doll is a person who believes she is odd and craves social acceptance! Human dolls are mostly individuals whose reality is uninspiring and empty. As a result, they decide to find meaning and fulfillment in life by living in a fantasy world. Human dolls may have a psychological disorder known as body dysmorphic disorder. Individuals who have body dysmorphic disorder often don’t see themselves as everyone else sees them. Individuals with the disorder often strive to have a perfect physical appearance. Most of the people who have the disorder are perfectionists. The root of body dysmorphic disorder often starts at a young age. As early as six years of age, individuals who later develop body dysmorphic disorder are often fixated on their physical appearance. As early as six years of age, the above-mentioned individuals usually have an idea of whether their bodies meet the ideal body image or not. Social comparison theory can be used to explain how children get to learn about the ideal body image; children get ideas from mass media and adults on how an individual with an ideal body size and shape should look like. Body image dissatisfaction is a major contributor to body dysmorphic disorder. Individuals who develop the disorder were probably teased by their peers about their appearance while growing up. Individuals who have body dysmorphic disorder are probably more vulnerable to social pressure about having ideal body size and shape.

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