What the Health - Documentary Analysis Essay Sample

Published: 2022-04-01
What the Health - Documentary Analysis Essay Sample
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'What the Health' is a documentary that is based on the negative impacts of eating dairy products as well as meat. It is a movie that is focused on the importance of eating plant-related foods. The documentary has raised major questions that are relevant in the society today. This documentary has received both positive and negative opinions and it has affected individuals, medical practitioners and health organizations.

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The documentary has left individuals wondering if they should continue eating meat or not. Medical practitioners and health organizations have criticized this movie based on the fact that it does not have real evidence to support the claims. The producer of the movie, Kip Anderson has produced similar documentaries outlining the negative impacts of eating meat and dairy products and as such it was not a surprise that he came up with a new documentary relating to health. The first major information that comes out of this documentary is the relationship between health organizations and food companies. Kip Anderson claims that health organizations have failed to give the right information about the dangers of eating meat and dairy products based on the fact that they receive funding from food companies. The documentary goes on to mention big organizations such as the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association. This may be true information but Kip Anderson failed to realize that health organizations receive funding from many other different food companies. Therefore, it is wrong claim that health organizations receive funding from food companies for the purpose of giving out false information about health to promote the objectives of these food companies. However, this argument has also been determined to be true based on the fact that health organizations have focused more on giving out nutrition information as opposed to other important information such as those related to drugs. Individuals have thus failed to concentrate on diseases and as such have led to increased health cases.

The documentary has given an important view on the way meat and other dairy products are produced before they reach the consumers. This program is called the Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO). Research has indicated that this is a true case. Close to 95% of food companies undergo this operation. These products are not produced under the standard conditions as laid down by different food organizations. The production process also involves the waste products of these animals. This has shown that organizations are concentrated more on making profits as opposed to maintaining health standards. However, no organization has come out to speak honestly about how their products are produced before being sold to the market. Instead, they have given false information such as using grass to feed cows. The impacts of these actions fall on the users of these products and also the country as a whole. Individuals are exposed to different health risks that might even end their lives. On the other hand, some production methods pose a risk to the environment and the overall impact is felt by individuals that are living in the surrounding areas.

The documentary goes on to provide information about the consumption of eggs. It indicates that eating one egg is the same as smoking 5 cigarettes and this means that eating eggs can have effects such as those that are experienced as a result of smoking cigarettes. The director of the movie used an experienced medical practitioner to prove this evidence that has received negative opinions from other health practitioners and medical organizations. One claim that was used to support this idea is the fact that eggs contain high levels of cholesterol and as such can lead to health impacts such as diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease. Health professionals and organizations have indicated that it is impossible for one to contract such diseases as a result of eating eggs due to the fact that they have lower chances of causing them. This claim has also been associated with the eating of red meat that has been determined to cause cancer.

'What the Health' movie can be said to have caused a stir in the world. It has come up at a time when individuals are struggling to determine the best foods that do not have negative health impacts. On one hand, the documentary has been important in educating the public about what they are missing. It has clearly outlined the fact that health organizations are not focused on giving medical advice but rather nutrition advice. It has also given evidence to prove the different arguments that have been raised about the health impact of meat and dairy products. Since the production of the movie, there have been a large number of people that have resorted to being vegetarians. On the other hand, the movie has been highly criticized by health organizations and medical practitioners. They have claimed that the movie is based on false information and as such cannot be said to be focusing on the major issues of health.

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