The Impact of Writing Multiple Drafts on my Writing

Published: 2023-01-06
The Impact of Writing Multiple Drafts on my Writing
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Writing multiple drafts is similar to writing a piece of work and then reviewing it over and over. Hover, for multiple drafts, I can add new information that I might have left in a previous draft. Also, it enables me to correct mistakes and consequently improve the quality o the final document. This repetition has enhanced my writing as now I can make precisely clear links between paragraphs and create a good flow of thoughts to the conclusion. My writing is far more efficient and effective on its way to being perfect.

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Changes in my Writing Style now compared to earlier Drafts and Papers.

I have noticed significant differences between how I write now and my earlier papers and drafts. For instance, I always had difficulties organizing ideas so that paragraphs interconnected to create a continuous flow of ideas throughout the document. My papers were just like random information put in one text. Additionally, my drafts had a lot of grammatical mistakes. However, writing multiple drafts has allowed me to reduce those mistakes. My papers are now more neat, organized, and have minimal errors. This is an indication of better writing.

Significant Concepts to take from this assignment

For me, this assignment is an opportunity to analyze my writing. It will act as practically evaluating the progress I have made in my style of writing. One of the valuable lessons to take from this assignment is that perfect and flawless writing is a product of effort and putting in the time. The quality of a person's writing, for instance in essays, can be used to gauge the quality of their writing skills. To achieve perfect writing, patience and practice are key contributors. Doing as many drafts and papers as one can gradually lead to improved quality of writing as well as the time taken to draft and write the final document. It has taught me that I should allow myself to make as many mistakes in the first draft as possible, to not be afraid to let ideas be jumbled up in this draft. It is through this confusion and mess that results in a very detailed and organized final draft. The best way to learn is by making mistakes because you never forget them.

The Effects of Writing Multiple Drafts on Other Aspects of My Life

The concentration, level of organization, and the patience required for many draft writing to achieve the perfect quality of the final draft is intense. However, the continuous application of this process has affected not only my writing but also my daily chores and activities. I accomplish duties and responsibilities more efficiently and effectively because I now pay more attention to everything I do. I have been able to organize my things around the house better as well.

What I would have done differently

If I knew back then what I know about writing multiple drafts, my style of writing would have been very different. I would not have been so afraid to make mistakes in my essays because I now know that those mistakes contribute to the perfection of the last draft. In addition to allocating extra time to study the course material, I would have spent more time attempting questions from other sources. Also, I would have sought the insights of others who were already doing great at this process.

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