Free Essay Example on Public Service

Published: 2019-05-16
Free Essay Example on Public Service
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Public service entails services provided by the government to the people living in a certain locality. These services may be funded by the government or can be delivered directly from the government. Giving back to the community entails donating time, resources and money to other people with a heart of helping. The paper outs to explore on the importance of the public service and the act of giving back to the society while citing examples where they have occurred.

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The Public services came into existence through the consensus of the society, which stipulated that certain essential services should be available to the organization irrespective of the class and the income of the individuals. However, social accord in most of the cases is usually expressed by the universal human suffrage. Other scholars have believes that public service is not for the elected people alone. They argue that even those people who are not employed can participate in public service. Accordingly, public service also includes individuals who have do essential services to the needy members of the society by the use of their resources.

Public service is essential because it includes services that should be offered to everybody irrespective of income and social status. In this case, public service is all about equalization. Through the public service, certain members of the society are provided with services that their income and social class cannot allow them to access. These services includes roads, provision of healthcare services, provision of fire brigade services and many other vital services. Another important thing about the public services is that they provide services which are centralized. Some of these services are very delicate and can be appropriately handled when centralized; for instance, the environment protection services, water, tourism, fisheries and many others. These services are usually the concern of many citizens, and there are always fears that if left in the hands of private sector they may be handled to benefit few expenses of many other individuals.

Another importance of the public service are that they control the services that are needed to protect all citizens hence they should be available. The protection of all the citizens is imperative and should be in strong regulations from the public service. Public service is also the most economical way of providing services to all citizens, through the provision of services through the public service sector; it is that the government wage bills are substantially reduced.

Giving back is the act of providing the society with the advantage that life has given you through the society. Thus, it is important to give back because giving back makes the less fortunate feel appreciated, and vital so, brings about equalization between the rich and the poor. Giving back is the most important in the public service for example giving back to the noble ensures equalization for example includes the helping hand for the homeless of Rockland where individuals have always come up with the donations for the kids who live in children homes. In the US, a survey on volunteering found that 52% of volunteers do it since, they like doing rather useful and plateful to others. An additional 38% said they take pleasure in doing unpaid assistant work and sentiment good on the subject of themselves. Another good example is the helping the Spring Valley school to educate the needy students. Public service and giving back are very noble things to do in any society. A corporation that is conscious and have morals will have people giving back and provide public service.

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