Social Media Plan/Implementation

Published: 2022-04-21
Social Media Plan/Implementation
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All businesses need to have a way in which they interact and also share ideas based on the kind of services they offer. For this to take place, they have to make sure that they have all their social platforms and profiles put in order. Therefore, the businesses face problems when they have come up with a website but they do not have a vivid idea of how they can be able to promote traffic there. Since the public is the ones that determine whether products will be sold or not, the use of a website is the best way to sell items and to advertise the kind of products that are sold in that aspect. The website needs to have large traffic so that everyone can be able to recognize and also comment on the kind of feedback that needs to come their way.

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For the website to get a good flow of traffic, there is a plan that needs to be put in place concerning the use of social media. Social media is presented in many forms, and therefore an organization needs to choose the most appropriate platform in that line or perspective. The first step in the strategy is based on selecting the right social media platform for advertising the website. Some of the social platforms that are commonly known currently are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Instagram and WhatsApp (Zheng, 2018). The primary goal of the website is supposed to be put in place while choosing the right platform to promote the website. In this case, all the objectives that are put across are supposed to be measurable. If the website is based on business activities, then the best place to promote it will be on LinkedIn.

The next step or strategy is based on the kind of things or topics that should be posted on the social media platform. After one has been able to choose the right social media platform to promote a website, the next thing is always to be aware of the kind of things that need to be posted in it. The most relevant skills are supposed to be used while posting all that is contained on the website via the social media platform (Zheng, 2018). For instance, Photoshop should be used whenever a given feature or idea needs to be emphasized to the public. For the website to get traffic faster, all the things posted about over the social media should be in the form of videos and gifs. Videos get more clicks as compared to text and images and in that case, they will need to be used to make sure that there is enough traffic in that line or perspective.

The next step is based on the visual aspects that are related to social media. Social media platforms allow one to share or post text, images, videos and audio files. In that case, there will be a need to make use of the visual elements as they will get more followers as compared to those that are in plain text. For instance, there needs to be a screenshot of the website to post in the social media statuses. People will develop the urge to view the images as compared to the text that is published in that aspect. The images should also be posted in the form of links so that people can be able to use them to access the website in that aspect. In this way, it will be easier to lure a large group of people into visiting the website to get what it offers.

The social media plan can also be understood when focusing on the next step which is based on the way one can be able to increase the traffic in that aspect. For the website to be able to get a number people, the best thing will be to come up with ways of gaining many followers in the social media. For the website to get a good number of followers and traffic, there will be a need to post images of the page more than ones (Dane, 2018). Posting the images many times acts a way of making sure that people get to understand whatever is advertised and also and also develop the urge to know what it is contained there. In this case, the posts will need to be accompanied by hashtags, a heading, and even a link so that people can be able to view and access them from more than one network.

The use of social media as a way of promoting traffic to the professional webpage also needs one to be able to identify the number of items that are needed to take part in the posting activities (Dane, 2018). There are funs, and people who are always connected to the internet all over but still there is the best time to post all the issues related to the webpage. Posting the webpage adverts at night will not be a good move because many people will be asleep at that time. The best time to post the web page adverts is at the time when the traffic is high so that a good number of people will be able to see the post and also portray the better results. If the web page is still new and needs large traffic going its way, then the posts on social media should be done more than once. The number of posts should also not be too many as there are people who will develop a perception that the webpage is spam.The other way in which the webpage can get traffic using the social media is by creating some Instagram stories. In most cases, people develop a perception that Instagram is not the best platform to promote websites because it entails the sharing of only personal pictures and videos (Dane, 2018). The use of instant stories is the best way to promote the webpage because people who are always online will develop the desire to visit it to get a glimpse of what is discussed. The Instagram stories take a short time and they are also live. This is a guarantee that the webpage will get traffic after an immediate post is done.

In that case, social media should not be looked down upon when it comes to the promotion of traffic to a professional webpage. The people who take in the use of social media tend to be well conversant with the trends and changes that take place in the world of technology. The technological know-how is the one that is needed to make sure that all that is posted on the social media is accessed and also shared to other networks. The use of social media is therefore essential, and the steps in the plan are supposed to be implemented to a great extent.

Part B

Critical Practice Essay

In today's era, social media is one of the strategies that businesses need to adapt to advertise their products and websites so as to create traffic. This is because, with technological advancement, most people and prospective customers use one or more of the available social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook as well as LinkedIn among others. Therefore, this essay will aim at addressing ways in which businesses can use social media as a strategy for promoting traffic to their professional blogs or web pages, while giving an insight on the appropriate social media platforms, the content to use and the appropriate time to do so as to achieve the needed traffic now and in the future.

In the business world, traffic is one of the most valuable things that every business or professional website tries to achieve. This is because, with traffic on their websites, the businesses are able to communicate more to their prospective customers who would in return buy their products or services. Therefore, it is of great importance for the business to choose an appropriate social media platform from the existing ones to create traffic for their websites. This choice will be based on what one is offering as not all social media platforms are appropriate for every product or service. As highlighted by Zheng, different social media platforms are used for different objectives and the population in it has different interests in the business world.

As a result of the different individuals in various social media platforms, the choice of what to post is very important so that it can attract the needed traffic. This is because different social media platforms use more of texts, audios or visuals as compared to others. For instance, trying to create traffic for a website on YouTube using text will not be fruitful as compared to using videos. The same case applies to LinkedIn where the text will be more fruitful as compared to visuals. Also, the choice of what to post on the various social media platforms regarding the given website will be determined by what the population inside there like. For instance, a video will attract more traffic as people will be interested in knowing what is in it and therefore will have to follow it as compared to a picture that one can easily check even without having to click it.

For instance, in the above picture, Slack posts a link using a picture and text that is hidden and can only be accessed by following the link given on Facebook. This picture will capture the eye of the social media user and since it's appealing and the choice of words used to leave the user in suspense of knowing how it feels to sit in 25% fewer meeting, he or she will follow the link to the website where the company has explained in detail how what has been advertised can be made possible in text that would not attract the user at first place and thus the company will get traffic on their website or blog. When the Facebook user has read the information, he or she may try their services based on how convincing the text was.

Therefore, luring these users to follow a link to a company's website to achieve traffic is achieved by using simple language that makes use of active verbs that are combined with aspirational language so as to create some excitement about the product. Another example of an advert on Facebook that has made use of this strategy is the one below by Google.

The ad is able to get a lot of things right mainly because it has a continuity between itself and the rest of the Google Alphabet is seamless and helps in the reinforcement of the brand that is behind the offer. The aspirational language used will aid in attracting many users to its site because of the choice of words. This is because despite the ability of Google to use features such as speed and security that would not have enticed the users they chose the phrase "Building What's Next" as the hook that makes the Advert more compelling for the user to visualize what he or she can do with the platform.

As stated by Dane (2008), timing is another thing that is very important when one is looking for traffic on social media. For instance, during a holiday, a company can post a card with a message regarding the holiday but at the back of their mind aim at attracting traffic to their company's website. For example, the Ad by Bates and Motel on A&E during the mother's day holiday would have created a lot of traffic on their website.

This ad can bring many benefits to the company apart from the traffic. One, the reference to Norman Bates unhealthy devotion to his mother brings a pop-cultural element that makes even those that have not seen the show have a psycho franchise. Considering how prominent mother's day is, the mother's day greeting card visual was likely to have been in the user's news feed on a special day. This will entice most users consider the entertainment industry as a possible place to celebrate the day. Also, bearing in mind that it is in every user's mind that it is mother's day, they are likely to look up to the cite to read more about this Norman that treated his mother well.

In the future, the business needs to have the strategy of looking for as many followers on the various social media platforms as possible so as to create traffic in the form of having many people aware of them.

This can be made possible by sponsoring ads on the various social media platforms so that it can appear on the news feeds of the various individuals. When they are available it is more likely that they will achieve more followers that will be aware of their products and services and when their subsequent ads entice them to learn more about the products they will vi...

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