Free Essay on Formal Analysis of an Artwork From MOMA

Published: 2023-02-15
Free Essay on Formal Analysis of an Artwork From MOMA
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The Museum of Modern Art has continued to redefine the western culture. The museum was termed as a place where modern art was continually changing. MOMA had become a place for greatest works ranging from films, modern painting, multi-media art and sculpture from the time it became a permanent establishment in 1952. The museum is shaped by its mission to provide education to the public concerning modern art. Also, Alfred H. Barr, Jr termed MOMA as a laboratory which explored different categories of artistic productions. The museum has continued to diversify its collection since it embraces conceptual, installation, video art and performance, thus telling the new stories about modern art. The museums' goal is to continue keeping up with the expectations and desires of the audience. Therefore, due to the diversity experienced in MOMA, this paper will describe, analyze, interpret, and evaluate an artwork in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

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The photograph by Carey Young about "Everything You've Heard is Wrong (1999)" shows the artist performance at the speakers' corner in London Hyde Park. The artist describes this action as an ancient Sunday Mayhem of the onlookers and speakers. The artist is wearing a business suit as she holds notes with her right hand. She continues to show a workshop about "corporate-style presentations" to the audience. She explains the importance of understanding, knowing one's audience, and adopting a proper language and persona to reach them. The performance is ironical since it satirizes the corporate jargon of most businesses, thus going against the unfiltered argument at speakers' corner. The art reveals an unacknowledged strangeness concerning the corporate world, thus placing conventions, rules, and regulations of the dress code and other oratorical styles.

The artist chose the location at speakers' corners since it has a history of public imaginations. The speakers' corner was a site for the political demonstrations or symbolized a place for unregulated free speech. Also, this site is known for madness, entertainment, and outrage but more specific for political or religious belief. The artist positioned herself close to the Muslim Orator to show the locations anachronism. In this location, communication between the artist and audiences was smooth, since there were no interruptions from machines. In the art, Young transferred the processes and language of corporate businesses to art, thus heightening and drawing parallel differences.

The artwork shows how corporates should behave since some use ill language to address their audiences. Since people come to demonstrate at speakers' corner, the artist uses this location to express her ideas through photography. Also, whenever people feel that their rights are violated, they move to the Speakers' corner to express their grievances to the corporates. The use of corporate suit in the artwork shows the kind of clothes worn by the corporate individuals. Therefore, through photography, the artist can express their ideas to the public since it is a way of communication.

Therefore, I like the artwork by Carey Young since she addresses the "corporate-style of presentation" through photography. Also, she describes to the public and corporate individuals on importance understanding their audience and kind of language to use. Some corporates use vulgar language leading to demonstrations in most organizations. The artist was effective in communicating to the public since the photograph clearly shows the type of people she is talking about. Therefore, the audience can benefit from the advice offered by the artist through her artwork.

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