What is Unique about Rural Aging. Paper Example

Published: 2023-02-13
What is Unique about Rural Aging. Paper Example
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In the United States of America, the average number of people residing in rural areas are the elderly (Belanger et al., 2018). The rural communities have less-dense populations, poor economic and healthcare institutions, and more cultural values, which rely on traditions (Belanger et al., 2018). By using the definition, rural means outside a metropolitan area and people who live there have fewer resources, insufficient to address their needs. However, regions and States vary throughout the United States hence attracting disadvantages and advantages to the older adults.

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Older adults living in rural areas are at a disadvantage especially when it comes to healthcare access. According to the national report of access to healthcare in America, people who live in rural areas have barriers to critical good health (Belanger et al., 2018). Services such as behavioral care, emergency care, public health to mention but a few are not readily available. Individuals, therefore, experience technical hitches when it comes to diagnosis, treatment, and detection of illness. At the same time the elderly has advantages despite their poor living conditions in the rural areas. For instance, community-based organizations have come up to address the concerns such as prevention of elderly abuse, transportation for medical appointments be moved closer to rural areas, and providing financial resources (Jeffery, Muhajarine & Hackett, 2018). Adults also benefit from food assistance programs.

In conclusion, it is evident that rural aging varies significantly throughout different regions and districts in United States thereby attracting drawbacks and advantages to the older adults. There several challenges which are surprising. For example, when older adults fall into financial abuse conditions, resident nurses normally experience technical hitches when it comes to diagnosis, treatment, and detection of illness. This situation can be corrected by managing elderly finances. The government also fails to realize the importance of the elderly in society hence leaving them in despite conditions. The many barriers in rural areas limit older adults from attaining the necessary care.


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