Free Essay Example: My Personal Success in College and Life

Published: 2019-05-14
Free Essay Example: My Personal Success in College and Life
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I am Nicky, studying sociology in college to vividly make me understand how various societies relate to each other as well as development of various organizations. After completing this semester in Sociology my aim is getting equipped with knowledge that shall enable me to socialize well with people therefore giving me liberty to interact and relate well with all ethnic societies without much difficulty in the near future. Sociology is my personal success because of the experience it offers me to face different life challenges.

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In this semester, i learned much about various societies in respect to their current life and their past life; their social-economic life. Am glad to know that most of communities have almost similar origins though they encounter different environments, which later makes them different from each other due to social economic factors, for example communities whose economic activities were fishing, settled near lakes, oceans, and rivers. More important, I am very grateful to the entire learners in the class who dearly participated in syllabus coverage, and more so to all lecturers who taught us and gave us the courage and experience to face the real life.

Jennifer (2015), as a reference editor argues that the best way to live with individuals is by understanding their origin, traditions, and customs so that no interference might emerge in later future. By so doing, it becomes a cornerstone to all people to live in peace and harmony. Living in understanding among each other is also paramount, and I would rather echo it as a strong threshold to all people so that no conflict among them. Since our class comprised of many races, therefore I shall incorporate all learned societal facts so that in the next semester it will be more conducive and harmonious than this semester.

In action timeline, I have done many successful researches about various people in relation to their origin and besides, we have visited leaders in those societies to explain their background. Thus, such encounters have added more knowledge that would enable me to go through the next semester. In addition, it made me develop goals that empowered me and will boost me in the coming semesters as part of strength in near future. It is of great importance that my colleagues empowered me to continue with examination of many people to see the semester through. The answers I got from various sources made me understand their origin, culture, and their economic welfare. Afterwards, I was able to make new friends who later taught me their different languages

Despite the above facts, there were few challenges, which somehow tried to hinder me from achieving my goals; language barrier made the research work more complicated where I was forced to look for interpreter so that we could understand each other; a problem that made the semester a bit hard but at the end of it, I achieved the target. Through lecturers and library, facilities next semester will be less tiring (Patrick 213).

In the next semester am going to team up with all people together including with classmates, local leaders, and teachers so that all differences will be resolved to counter diversions that may cause chaos. Incorporating various biographies and ideas of authors cultural events within the school has boosted me in my career, and earned me many life values. The School administration has respected all cultures regardless of minority and created equal shares amongst everyone.

Advice to future students taking sociology as a career is that they must realize their potentials, know each others background, and above all to merge with all races despite their differences. They have to bear each others tradition and customs for ease learning bearing in mind that sociology is a key success in college and life as well. Thank you all for the comments you made as a sign of appreciation in this semester, the classes we had in the entire semester were of great importance to my life as a whole.



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