Essay Example on The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Published: 2023-01-05
Essay Example on The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
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The main character in the narrative grace lives in fear of her life and also questions the existence of her poor parents after she dies, as she quoted in the cancer group after one of them asked a question on what happens when they die. Grace has it in mind that one day all pf they would die and due to their condition of cancer, it becomes very hard to skip the fate. In conclusion to that phrase, the fear of oblivion in grace makes him worry more about his life. On the same theme, Augustus too fears for his reputations and thinks it is best for remembrance, as he does some things before he dies to make a mark of his existence and not to be forgotten by people he lives behind (Shakespeare, 1878). Grace, on the other hand, tries very hard to get together and ask him the life of Anne after her death in the novel since she is worried about her parents, she thinks by getting the answer could help her know exactly what is there for her parents in case she dies.

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Insensitivity of the universe, some of the things expected by the characters in the book don't happen the way they wanted it to happen, to begin with, Isaac, she broke with her girlfriend before his eyes were removed, he hopes to get any feedback out of sympathy from her girlfriend but he comes out of the hospital only to find that she has never bother looking for him. Isaac loose hopes and concludes by feeling that his heroism had gone with his one eye and him, not the same guy (Shakespeare, 1878). Grace knows her problem will never end and it is going to contribute largely to her close death. She goes to the book author in Holland peter van Hooten, a person whom they knew to have good moral as an author, on only to find that he is just a drunk who is ruthless to even cancer victims including grace. The writer tries to give the reality part of anybody suffering from cancer infection or any other person with a disorder. John tries to put the victim and other normal people on the same level as he tries to urge the readers that cancer patients are not special in the society and they can do things normally like other normal kids. The only difference they have is that they are in a struggle with dangerous cancer which gives them heroic factor whenever they survive.

About the book, the writer brings the two lovers who share some things in common, like the disorder diseases like cancer and another one has a leg cut, Isaac also a friend to Augustus have his eye removed but love towards each other that would be destroyed between the three-buy killing Augustus. Grace who suffers from her cancer disease and hatred by young children who runs away whenever they see her, goes to the cancer help group because of her mother. On the other hand, Augustus shows his kindness by supporting his friend Isaac who has eye cancer; he goes ahead to invite grace to her house where the watch tv and exchange books, though grace was not so literate due to cancer that made her drop (Bell & Patterson, 2009). Grace is impressed with the book that pictures her real-life experience of a girl who suffers from cancer too. Augustus is not impressed with how the book ended without any conclusion. Instead, he surprises grace with the present of offering her a ticket to meet the author of her favorite book. In the book the fault in our stars, John tries to teach reader on the possibility of a love that can exist between people of disorder despite how worse the situation, even after Augustus's confession of his cancer coming back and even eating his body, grace still has her stand in loving him (Bell & Patterson, 2009). Another lesson played by the writer, is friendship, Augustus played all, he shows real friendship to Isaac even through his conditions of her eye's cancer, he walks him to the hospital. Another friendship shown by Augustus is towards grace; he invites her to his house where they watch tv and share one's favorite novel. He later makes a trip to Holland in favor of grace who likes to visit the author Peter van Hooten about the novel that he finished living her in suspense. Criticizing the wish of grace, who feared to fall in love with any man, because she knew she could die and leave him behind, here comes a situation she falls in love and later loses her lover Jonathan leaving her behind.

John green coming with one of the inspiring book, trying to tell the reader that even though cancer is a killer disease, everyone should live his life to the fullest and continue to his or her contributions of helping each other, but as it is expected by the reader for the book to have a fairly ending, john ends it in a very disappointing outcome (Green, 2013). After suffering in the life of cancer and even having his leg cut, Augustus continues giving love to his friends and even making love; John ends his life just like that. On that aspect, john demoralizes cancer victims by giving an unfair ending to the victim. The book starts in unpredictable with Augustus, Isaac, and grace going through hardship and turmoil together, John brings the heart of the readers closer by making everything between the three successful in their ways, with Isaac succeeding in his operations , Augustus recovering from cancer and grace having a partner who loves her and even goes for a vacation to Holland, then abruptly the writer ends the show, by killing Augustus and as the book ends everything is reduced to a single character. Grace going through domestic violence which is internally motivated, she fights her wishes of having a romantic life of having a partner, but she fears her life due to her health status, that could make her leave her partner if she dies. But here comes a contradiction of her thought when she loses Augustine who dies before her.

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