Education Essay Sample: Alternative Observation of Teaching Approaches

Published: 2022-03-24
Education Essay Sample: Alternative Observation of Teaching Approaches
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In the video "Counting to Determine Quantity," the teacher guides three children in assigning prices to egg cartons. This report delves into the teaching approaches used by the teacher to ensure that the children develop a better understanding.

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How do you see the teacher assessing children's knowledge?

The teacher assesses the children by asking them questions regarding the egg cartons. Specifically, the teacher tests the children's ability to count by giving each one an opportunity to determine the cartons capacity. I think that the teacher is quite fair in her assessment. For instance, she ensures that each child has an equal opportunity of taking part in the exercise.

What teacher characteristics do you see demonstrated?

From the interaction with the children, it is evident that the teacher is proactive. For example, she takes time to remind the children what was taught in the previous lesson. In doing so, the teacher ensures that the children understand the teaching trend and that their understanding of the lesson is improved. In other words, the teacher proactively helps inform the children that they are dealing with familiar issues.

What teacher dispositions do you see demonstrated?

The teacher is preoccupied with her personal capacity of fulfilling her teaching responsibility. From the start of the lesson, the teacher appears to be very strict on ensuring that the children complete the learning process. The teacher's strictness is reflected in her handling of one child who tried to shift attention to another table. The teacher reprimands Sean by asking "are we being serious?" From my perspective I think the teacher was not interested in developing a good atmosphere with the students, on the contrary, she is focused on the completion of her task.

What curriculum approach does the teacher use to support children's learning?

The teacher utilizes content areas curriculum approach as attributed to the fact that the children are being taught counting and quantification which are categorized under mathematics. As indicated in the movie, the children are developing fundamental concepts of numbers through actively interacting with physical materials. The children learn to count numbers by interacting with the egg cartons. Apparently, this is the best approach to acquire basic math skills as children enjoy and interacting with familiar objects such as the egg carton.

What learning theory do you see being used?

The video depicts constructivist theory of learning. The theory underscores the importance of active participation of the learner in understanding. As highlighted in the video, the teacher allows the children to count the number of holes in each carton as a way of determining their capacity. The active participation, in this case, enables the children to master mathematical skills such as counting. Besides the active partition, the theory emphasizes the importance of prior knowledge in comprehension. All the children highlighted in the video have a prior knowledge on counting which makes it easier for them to quantify the egg cartons in relation to the number of holes that they possess.

Would you identify this experience as a meaningful curriculum?

The experience satisfies all the conditions of a meaningful curriculum. For instance, it is evident that it has supported the children's physical development by allowing them to move within the room. In addition to that, the experience encourages the social and emotional development of the children through the integration that it creates. The teacher and the children are involved in a conversation which can be considered as socially important. Specifically, the teacher consistently asks questions to which the children provide replies hence creating a communication.

The content being covered is also worth knowing for the children. As indicated earlier the teacher is teaching counting and quantification which are categorized under mathematics. The implication of this is that the teacher and the children are not engaging in time-wasting but rather acquiring knowledge which is important for their future.

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