What Is an American by Belinda. Slavery Essay Sample.

Published: 2019-09-23
What Is an American by Belinda. Slavery Essay Sample.
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The American society is one of those, which were colonized in the old ages. This colonization brought about many aspects that define the origin of the American people. The slave trade that existed in the 18th century was instrumental in defining who a real American was like. There are several arguments that have been made on who an American should be. As such, in the old ages- especially the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, an American changed in a great manner. This is because, in the 18th century, an American was a slave who did much for the benefit of the master and who was supposed to act on the instructions of the master. There are two articles written at different times and which shows two types of Americans that existed in 1782.

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Roy E. Finkenbrne, Belinda's Petition: Reparations for Slavery in Revolutionary Massachusetts is an article that was written in the in 1782 as a petition to the honorable the senate and house of representative by an African American named Belinda. She was a slave who was taken from Africa and who was complaining about the state of slavery in the United States. Specifically, the slave (Belinda) was concerned on who should be a real American and who should not. In this regard, the question was on whether a real American should be the one who sits down (master) and enjoys the sweat of others (slave). The slave did a lot for the American state but was still not given the freedom that she desired.

The laws rendered her incapable of receiving property: and though she was a free moral agent, accountable for her own actions, yet never had she a moment at her own disposal! this excerpt taken from Belindas petition shows how the slaves at those times were being mistreated for no apparent reason by their masters. Additionally, it displays the true state of Americans those times where slaves were seen as the property of their masters and never free to do anything.

The other articles that contradicts the earlier one is that of What Is an American Which was written by a French immigrant on his views about the United States in 1782. This essay, unlike the previous one, hips praises on how America is different from Europe. In this regard, the author gives several distinctions between the two and ultimately states that US is better than Europe in many ways. The serene environments, the roads and cities, freedom, and hospitality are some of the differences that are made.

The above information is backed up by this quote Here man is free; as he ought to be; nor is this pleasing equality so transitory as many others are. In this article unlike Belindas petition, America is seen as a free society where even the immigrants are received well, offered employment and a place to live. Additionally, there is more freedom than what was described by Belinda. These two articles just shows how difficult it was to define who was am American and who was not. Additionally, it shows two worlds that existed at the same time. Some were well treated while the blacks were not offered any freedom. On the contrary, they were treated as slaves.

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