Paper Example. Web Service Implementation Plan

Published: 2023-11-04
Paper Example. Web Service Implementation Plan
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It is undoubtedly evident that the procedure of implementing a web service appropriately is quite multifaceted. Based on this rationale, it is imperative to ensure that there is the formulation of a realistic web service implementation plan before any commencement or undertaking of the project. Specifically, a web service implementation plan can be defined to be a strategy that is put into place with the rationale of ensuring proper execution of a web service (Paik et al., 2017). This essay envisions providing sufficient indulgence regarding the initiation of a new web service at Web Explore Inc.

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Purpose of the Web Service

Conspicuously, in the event, there happens to be an instance of web service implementation, there should be a precise purpose as to why it is being undertaken. Conferring to the Web Explore Inc context, the web service in consideration is a new registration form. The primary purpose of this particular web service is to provide website users with a platform whereby they can enter their details and register devoid of any predicaments and also in a secure manner. There is no single website user who envisions losing their information; hence, the personal data they submit should be safeguarded at all costs.

Ostensibly, the majority of the modern epoch organizations are now focusing on keeping in constant communication with the majority of their clients, if not all. The new registration form will ensure that the organization obtains essential information regarding its customers. In essence, the organization may utilize the information gathered in diverse ways, such as easy advertisements for its new products and services to registered customers. The customers’ information may also be used in the procedures of assessing and evaluating the various undertakings of the organization.

Enabling of the Organizational Needs

The primary organizational needs for Web Explore, Inc. are to augment the aspects of data security and data integrity. In essence, this will entail all the data that will be collected through the registration form. Some examples of the data to be secured include the following: customers’ names, email addresses, mailing addresses, and zip codes.

Fundamentally, the enabling of these organizational needs will call for a sturdy strategy by the web service to precisely ensure that it covers all the loopholes that may be identified by malicious individuals such as hackers who may have the intention to obtain that particular information and data. The appropriate web service strategy that will ensure that the organizational needs are met will function to allow the following events:

  1. Granting of sign-up and login permissions for customers possessing a domain
  2. Proper blocking of customers who do not utilize the domains and consequently notifying the user
  3. Avoidance of registrations by similar customer email domains
  4. Utilization of the internet protocol addresses for the rationale of increasing data security and integrity
  5. Proper utilization of recaptcha to diminish spam sign-ups and logins
  6. User Experience Influence on the Implementation Process

The user experience element plays an enormous role in the implementation procedure of the web service (Pletscher-Frankild & Jensen, 2019). In essence, this is because there ought to be an evaluation regarding how the users perceive the interface of the web service to be. It can either be easy to work with or, in some instances, quite problematic. Based on this, various feedbacks ought to be collected from the users for evaluation. In any case, most users indicate that the web service is problematic to work with, a reconfiguration of the structure ought to follow.

Web Service Architecture

The above system functions as a unit. Precisely, this means that in the event one component lacks in the order, then it cannot work as intended. In this particular system architecture, the client sends a request call to the server through the internet. This has to take place since the web service is hosted on the server. Once the server receives the client's request call, it sends back the response to the client. Notably, it is vital to realize that the conveyance of both the request calls and responses is usually undertaken in the form of packages.

The system also functions in conformity with the aspect of interoperability. Interoperability happens to be the aptitude of diverse system components to access, exchange, incorporate and obligingly utilize data and information in a more coordinated way, within and across the organizational restrictions (Hatzivasilis et al., 2018). The primary importance of this is to ensure that numerous clients can undertake their activities in a similar timeframe regardless of their location.

Tools and Processes to Be Utilized

In most instances, whenever an organization conducts a web service implementation, there happens to be quite an assortment of tools and processes that are usually utilized. In this particular context, Web Explore will be required to consider purchasing additional equipment such as computer systems. Once the computers are purchased, they ought to be incorporated with the following software:

  • A web testing tool such as SOAPSonar
  • A web browser and
  • A firewall or antivirus to protect the computer systems from malicious threats such as computer virus and denial-of-service attacks

In addition to the equipment, the organization ought to boost the IT department with at least three programmers. Fundamentally, these are persons who will handle the process of creating a user-friendly registration form interface. Besides, they will also assist the other employees in the organization on how to handle the web service.

The estimated timeline of the implementation process will be approximately three weeks. The rationale for this is to allow the users to familiarize themselves with the system and also ensure that in the event of critical issues arise, they will be dealt with effectively. In this period, too, technical training will be undertaken. The first week will be utilized in ensuring that all the employees get trained concerning the new website.

User Data Collection and Storage

The organization plans on collecting basic personal information concerning its customers. The information required is as follows:

  • Customer’s name
  • Email address
  • Gender
  • Mailing address and
  • Zipcodes

Once all this data has been collected, it ought to be stored entirely and securely in a database whereby it will be retrieved in the event a significant need arises. The database to be utilized for this case is the cloud-based database. The rationale for selecting this particular database is that it is cost-effective since it is established in a virtualized environment and more so it provides a higher data storage capacity.


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