Concerted Cultivation Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-14
Concerted Cultivation Essay Example
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What is concerted cultivation?

Concerted cultivation can be defined as a procedure that involves additional efforts employed by parents for the sake of their children's interest, talent, and growth. This practice is carried out in order to help children on how to live in the adult world. Concerted cultivation is carried out by concerned parents who want their children to achieve success. This process is carried out by means of reasoning rather than directing.

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What are some of the acts that show concerted cultivation?

In chapter 8 of concerted cultivation in organizational spheres, we find Stacey Marshall. She is from a middle-class African American family. Her mother was a concerned parent who noticed that she was her daughter was unhappy with her firstly aerobics lesson in reserved program. Mrs. Marshall did not vacillate to intercede as she intervened in her child's life as she had always done in her daughter's life. Although her actions at times embraced her daughter, she did not hesitate as she cared.

Question three

What is the interaction between families and with different institutions?

Different families have different interactions with their children's institution depending on their social classes. For middle-class mommies, the confines amid their households and institutes are fluid and very narrow as these mothers are always moving back and forth in an attempt to mediate in their children's lives. This is evident with the marshals as we find Mr. Marshall being involved in Stacey's life throughout.

How does the parent's class influence their children's experience?

The class has been known to affect a child's life as the middle-class parents are known for carrying out concerted cultivation while poor, and working-class parents are known to influence their children's experience by means of accomplishment natural growth. In the middle class, parentages are additional convoluted in their teen-agers' lives, and thus their children do not suffer very much while they are at school. On the other hand, working and poor parents have been known to neglect their children, and thus their experience is through natural growth. In the course of chapter eight and nine, the Marshalls and the Drive are used to show this.

What are some of the ways parents intervene in children's institution lives?

To answer this question, we are going to compare between Stacey Marshall and Wendy Driver. This is like comparing concerted cultivation and natural growth. Stacey Marshall is given individualized attention and also leans entitlement and esteem for their own authority while Wendy experiences delays in school and no one notices she is very behind. In Wendy's case, parents blame her parents for not being involved in their children's affairs.


Social classes greatly influence the experience of children as middle-class parents are more involved in their children's life when compared to individuals in the poor and working class. In the course of chapter eight, we come across the concept of concerted cultivation and natural growth. These two concepts relate to how parents are involved in their children's lives while they are in school. These notes also try to compare how parents are intervening in their children's institution lives. The interaction between parents and their child's institution is very important and very necessary as it helps a child to grow to and be on point in her academics.

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