We can salvage the environment from destruction

Published: 2023-01-10
We can salvage the environment from destruction
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John Paul II once said, "The earth will not continue to offer its harvest except with the faithful stewardship. We cannot say we love the land and then take steps to destroy it for use by future generations." What did the pope mean when he said these words? Can we derive truth from this statement in regards to our environment? My brothers and sisters, we are the ones to salvage our environment from destruction and preserve it for our posterity by indulging in environmental conservative measures and abhorring any of these activities which are threats to nature.

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I want each one of us, drawing illustrations from the books historical and geographical books we have read to take a minute to pause and imagine we lived 100 years ago. Now compare that imaginary world with the current world we live in. what did you find out? Which one do you think has a better environment to thrive in? Like me, most of you will definitely agree that the environment has been undergoing degradation over the years and it is at its worst in the present times. Who are the masterminds behind this menace? Is it aliens from beyond planet earth or animals? No! It is you and me! We are the problem. We have been working so hard to destroy the very environment which is supposed to sustain us and our posterity.at this rate of destruction, our future generations will have nothing to boast about.

Adams, Edem and Mensah (2017), note in their research that the earth is rapidly undergoing changes which are making it to become unfriendly for the survival of living things. Who has not heard of the greenhouse effect and global warming? On the onset of industrial revolution, different regions across the world from Europe to the United States of America diverted their attention to converting their countries into industrial hubs. They concentrated in the industries and forgot that they were doing it at the expense of the environment. More than hundred years later, we are now feeling the lethal effects of their actions. The earth is becoming a hostile place to live by day. See the long term effects of industrial revolution; climate change.

Now that the harm is already done, which steps can we make to turn things around and make the earth a better place to live in? My brothers and sisters, it is our time to wake up, open our inner eyes and see our crucial role in saving the earth. We either make a move or we will live nothing for our future generations to live for. History will blame us as people who had the chance to make the earth shine again but we chose to sit back and do nothing. Varjan (2017 pg. 279), emphasizes that Environmental conservation is a collective responsibility that each one of us must participate in. George Shaw once said that, progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. We need to have a changed mindset on how we handle our environment for use to embrace methods tailored to conserve it. Each one of you ought to become a ambassadors and friends of the environment.

So friends, what is that we need to do for history to remember us as heroes and heroines who stood firm for the good course of saving the environment? The little effort you make will bring a big difference. Go back home plant a tree, for it is through trees that we get life. We need to start awareness campaigns fighting against industrial activities which emit harmful gases to the atmosphere destroying the ozone layer and resulting to global warming. Industries play an integral part in our daily lives but, there some industrial activities which are harsh to the environment and need to be stopped. I know in our midst we have influential leaders who can go and join hands with environmental experts to advise the government on setting legislations that will give industries the mandate of taking responsibilities of their actions. We are tired of heavy industrial effluents which have turned the once beautiful city atmosphere into an avenue of dark smoke. None of us will fancy the ugly scenes and severe environmental degradation that mining activities leave behind.

Who is to blame for the rapid rate of spread of aridity and desertification? It is and those who lived before us. Instead of thinking of the methods to restore the value of the environment, we are partaking in activities which are further degrading it. People in our generation are carelessly cutting down trees, mining and building more industries which have doubled the menace of climate change. If we do not take a quick action, the earth will be totally inhabitable in the next hundred years. Is that what we want? Will our spirits rejoice when history will be harshly judging us for our inability to take action?

I would like to conclude by saying that change starts with you and me. You do your part, I do my part and the government does its part and we will have a world that is striving to conserve the environment. Don't you think we will make the greatest achievement once our efforts towards conserving the environment bear fruits?

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