Essay Sample on Watching Oprah From Behind the Veilyu Now and Then

Published: 2023-03-15
Essay Sample on Watching Oprah From Behind the Veilyu Now and Then
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Women's literature has been globally categorized as a feminist form of writing majorly done by females and some few men who are concerned about feminism theory. Either, some critics deny this as a fact and suggest that feminist literature can be written by any gender other than women. Historically, female writing has proven worth of research to help in understanding some of the advancements and challenges they face and how they reflect in real life. Typically, female works of literature have been less considered due to limited spaced accorded to them in society (Riviera).

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Women's literature has undergone segmental stages before it could be discussed as course work in schools. Either way, traditional literature still struggled to stage a woman as one of the pillars of the family and pertinent members of society. Women were the reason for several changes that made up to today's functional literature. Today, studies can be made in the definition of a woman and how she serves society (Riviera). Several literary texts are currently being published in support and search for the freedom of women. The contemporary culture of today reflected heavily on the previous state when women were subjected and termed as servants. Numerous writings are currently defining the role of women and creating space for them to add positively to the world of literature.

The number of females in the literature industry has been overlooked and outnumbered by male counterparts, a situation that is currently being done away with as writers and the public have started supporting women. Jeff Jacoby is one of the current communist writers who have pictured the ideal life of a woman and how society is seeing them. I this text, Watching Oprah from Behind the Veil, he is trying to address the freedom of women and how much freedom was entrenched in the past. Women today and their counterparts of yesterday might be experiencing the same challenges as before or somehow enjoying the freedom of the current time. Relatively, this study will bring about a comparative analysis of how women were treated during the ideal time and today. Are there certain similarities or differences in the same?

The Saudi Arabian literature has been tough on women, especially in the current situation where they are still not granted free ownership of their life. Several women activists have been on to the road protesting over the government's take and the act of seeing them as others in role-taking. Some have taken to the literature world to help them in conversing with society in the plan of seeking their freedom. Others use the advantage of social media to narrow down their problems and treasure for public support in freedom search in their country and the global home as a whole.

The story of Oprah Winfrey, a devoted media specialist based in Saudi Arabian, illustrates clearly the kind criticism that was penetrating their brain due to gender disparity. She is among the famous women in Saudi Arabia, with traits admirable to other persons of the same gender. She is one of the best designers to mention in her time; every woman wears her designed attire (Jacoby, 369). This means that a woman of the highest status is granted respect irrespective of their gender. Similarly, women in political life today are given more honor and accolade, making the big picture more positive than negative. Everyone praises her role and participation in society as a single one.

Another similarity of the old times and the current one is a clothing system for the women leaving or born in Saudi Arabia. As Jacoby puts it, these women were never to wear clothes that could show their body parts. Men, on the other side, were never followed as they could use any attire of their choice. Moreover, their faces were open to being seen by anyone. The current situation is equally the same in Saudi Arabia, with women being forced to wear full-bodied clothes. Saudi Arabia is a country that is under the Islamic religion, a deity that has never given women changes to earn their freedom.

Freedom of expression and association are some of the discrepancies that affected women in the earliest day as it is today. During the life of Oprah, they were never allowed to walk with other men who were not related to them. A woman was to remain indoors with an unrecognized face. They were regarded as family property (Jacoby, 370). Such freedom is very crucial to any human race and should never be restricted. Women in Saudi Arabia are still facing such challenges to date. Man is still considered the head of everything in society. Female genders are left assigned to specific roles as dictated by the community. They have indoor work chores that deprive them of the right to humanitarian exploration as their counterparts are governing every sector of their life.

Oprah served an oppressed life before she could make it to the top. She faced a lot, including gender mutilation, rape, among others (Jacoby, 370). Being born from a low-income family and a single mother, she had to go through a hard time before she could be as high as she seems. She was born during that period when people were less civilized, as civilization had not taken its due course in the world. Her parent was that single mother who bored her at teenage. This means that life was never comfortable in her born area, Mississippi. She had worn ragged clothes made from sacks. This is the same challenge that most single mothers are imposing their children. Most of the children running loose on the streets parentless making them vulnerable to some obstacles that may come their way.

Freedom ownership has been changing in the current environment, unlike the way it used to be before. Women can have, or own houses, cars, and even run a business. Despite the accrual of inevitable specific disagreements, women have been seen thriving immensely in the world business and even leadership (3690. Oprah has widely accepted the beauty industry, and every media coverage is seeking to hook her up for their show. This shows that the world has been changing with the taste of civilization taking over. This is another factor that is equally the same while comparing her life, then with the current contemporary society.

Several harassments accrue at different sections of women's life. Rape and discrimination is a factor that has been going around for a long time. Lady Oprah was molested and abused sexually when she was young and unable to protect herself (Jacoby). This is a scenario that reflects heavily in the current world. Despite the case of civilization, women are still at risk of being sexually abused by the opposite gender. Laws have been made to help subdue this problem, but the rampancy of the same is continuously prevailing. This explains that even though there is a change in civilization, women are still oppressed and suppressed by their male counterparts. It is perfect for noting that the change in civilization theme seems to have not solved this problem. Even at work stations, women still face this kind of challenge in their daily chores.

Addressing the oppressive theme as depicted in the text, several women could secure relevant jobs, but the Wahhabis would deny that chance. Taking the case of the two women who were sent back home after 24 hours of service, this shows that women were not allowed to have any stable income, probably for them never to be equal to their husbands or the men in the society (page 670). Ramadhin Ibrahim employed the two ladies at his restaurant, an action that cost him his job. He got arrested as the hotel was being closed. The law is to protect its citizens but not to suppress their freedom. This kind of an oppressive factor denies a woman a chance to decide for herself what is good or bad. Instead, society defines it for them; however bad or good, the decision might be.

Culture is another insignificant idea that affects women in the society. This has been the case from the oldest days when women were protected by cultural traits related to a specific community. Oprah is affected much by cultural immense that she feels it could never be formed in any race of human life. (Page 370, par 3). A country that feels women are worthless is all the same useless. Oprah becomes the first woman to seek liberty and liberation, paving the way for her predecessors to live a life free from any such believes. Believes that have blinded the objective men feeling that they are doing their rightful jobs. When a woman strives for her freedom, she is regarded as a rebel, failing to follow what their culture dictates.

Other than the similarities, several differences can compare from ancient times and today's contemporary world. The first point here is to blame women and women alone. Most of them have surrendered to their male counterparts by heeding to their demands. Not as Oprah Winfrey could agree. She represents a few women who are capable and able to stand firm for their rights to be heard and taken care of. Women who lived in the earliest days were used as tools by their families. Her attitude developed cordially, making a role model in her Islamic society. She is a representative of a woman warrior who had worn her fight, a fight that was worth to set the pace for the rest within her circle of life. Her achievements were meaningful for the whole community, irrespective of her dark side of the journey to such success.

Another difference is that today's contemporary women are more confident in their jobs than the previous ones. Oprah is an excellent example of this scenario. She is a composed lady ready to serve her dream through her spiritual state of mind. She is against how her fellow women are treated. They are indeed treated as worthless subjects or as children who have no clue of life behold, thus the need for protection (page 369, par 1). This explains why today, there number civilized groups, under women, that are seeking to expound freedom circle to a multi-gender niche. She is a good explanation of a confident woman tough on her principles that makes her prevail over the male chauvinist world.

Critically, denomination and religion are to blame for showing gender division among its faithful believers. Saudi Arabia is an Islamic religious state that includes every gender bowing down for them. The outfit and attire of their women are argumentatively disallowing them wear some clothing that might interest them. Mosque setups are also made in a way that men are worship alone other than in the company of their women. Freedom of association is deprived here for their reason.

In conclusion, women's literature is currently playing a more significant role in building world literature. Most writers are now publishing texts that are highly related to women. Jeff Jacoby is one such writer who has crossed the line of men's dominant literature work into woman support. The text explains the differences in terms of time, which accrue between men and women, in underlining the role of women in society.

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