US History Essay Example on the American Civil War

Published: 2022-10-21
US History Essay Example on the American Civil War
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The American Civil War was America's defining moment. It was its "GROWING PAINS."

The civil wars that America faced marked a significant era in the history of the nation. The war brought pain and left wounds in many hearts of the American citizens. The civil war led to the rise in the slave trade and damage of infrastructure in the southern part of the nation. After 1865 end of the war the growth of the country begun by the rebuilding of infrastructures and the freedom of slaves. However, the redevelopment faced problems because the same period of rebuilding is the same period that the slaves were released and it was a requirement that they are integrated into the southern society (U.S History, 462). As a result of the civil war, the country experienced the rapid development of industries and civilization. Racism increased in the developed world, and the slavery institution demanded a permanent, identifiable and abundant supply. At the end of the reconstruction brought about the incorporation of ex-slaves into the country system and granted and were granted all rights. The American civil war was the countries defining moment as the cities grew in population bringing the end of a conflict and the rise of new American culture that had risen from a mixture of many different religions and ethnic groups

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The Civil War was the ultimate test for the "revolutionary" government that began with the ratification of The United States Constitution.

1786, shortcomings in the civil war articles of Confederation were evident like the absence of a significant authority over the foreign and the national trade. The Congress, therefore, introduced a plan to draw a new constitution. After three months of debating and moderation by president George Bush, the new constitution was signed which led to a stronger federal government. Ratification which was a result of the revolution of the civil war started in 1788, and on September 1789 the very first congress of the United States adopted the bill of rights which consisted of 12 amendments of the U.S constitution and sent them for ratification. The political power of the slaves gave meaning that the nation was always forced to protect slavery (U.S History, 441). The revolution led to the emergence of a stronger legislative house and a more unified government with fewer differences between the minority and the majority. The Civil Warfare was the final check for the "revolutionary" government that began with the ratification of The United States Constitutions

After 1865, it was said, "the United States of America is" instead of the "United States are" where the sovereignty of the national government was superior to that of the individual state.

Before 1865, there was no America as a country on its own as the people were still, subject to the British power. Each state that now comprises the United States of America were their own sovereign countries. The sovereignty of the national government was of more power than that of the individual nation. However, nations were later given all jurisdiction which meant that countries under the authority of a government hold a superior power. The ratification of the thirteenth amendment happened in 1865, but the slaves were not considered as citizens of the united states as they had just been freed. However, before the next amendment Americans of all races were known as citizens of the United States of America. American citizens acquired citizenship position after the ratification and became American Citizens. Therefore, the states now have their sovereign powers making the states to be referred in a singular union instead of a plural union.

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