Ethics and Ethical Dilemmas in Our Free Essay Sample

Published: 2022-06-02
Ethics and Ethical Dilemmas in Our Free Essay Sample
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This paper will discuss two cases where the employees are required to use ethics in their practices. In the first case When Lunch Is More Than a Meal, there are pharmaceutical representatives who provide lunch for the staff of a medical practice as an incentive so that the doctors can use their products and they threaten to stop the lunches if the doctors do not use their products. The staff's members want the lunches to continue but the physicians suggest they be stopped since they are creating a conflict of interest. The second case is about an employee Ms. Smith who makes assumptions about a patient's blood pressure by performing readings on only one arm resulting to wrong data (Buchbinder et al., 2014).

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When Lunch Is More Than a Meal

Question #1

The facts about the case are; stopping the free lunches will not be taken lightly by the staff. On the other hand, the pharmaceutical representatives bringing food as an incentive for the doctors to use their products is a conflict of interest and if the lunches continue the integrity of the practice could be jeopardized.

Question #2

The dilemma presents a structural problem where different groups have different opinions. The staff members feel that having free lunches are a benefit with the job and they should continue while the physicians feel that the free lunches are creating a conflict of interest and they should be stopped.

Question #3

In this case, there are three factors contributing to the dilemma; there are pharmaceutical representatives who are providing free lunch, there are the staff members who are comfortable with the free lunches and they want the free lunches to continue, and there are the physicians who want the practice to stop since its bringing a conflict of interest.

The Case of the Dishonest Employee

Question #1

Corrective actions should be taken in case of falsification and the actions include debarment according to government rules on debarment and suspension, termination or suspension and reprimanding (Steele et al., 2016).

Question #2

Ms. Smith should be punished for her actions as a way of emphasizing the importance of honesty and truthfulness. Punishing her would also serve as a lesson of how unethical decisions could lead to massive implications.

Question #3

Falsification may jeopardize the institution's already published and submitted data. It might also tarnish the organization's reputation (Steele et al., 2016).

Question #4

Some legal implications of falsification of patient's data include criminal penalties which include jail time or fines. Falsification might also lead to the practitioner losing their license. (Fusch et al., 2017).


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