Free Essay on Community-Based Juvenile Corrections Services

Published: 2018-03-07
Free Essay on Community-Based Juvenile Corrections Services
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The state of New Jersey (NJ) has several juvenile correction services that help the youth of the state to be more productive as well as promoting individual growth. These facilities need to provide an environment that will ensure proper restoration of the juveniles back to the community and also be productive in their endeavors. They should offer restorative justice for the juveniles and not diminish their dreams. The community service need bring about a positive outcome. (Wood, 2012)

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The Ocean County Juvenile Detention provides a conducive environment for both detention and rehabilitation of individuals in the center. The facility seeks to incorporate all matter of services from behavioral management, social services to substance abuse and incorporates it to fit the creativity of the persons. Other services offered for the rehabilitation of the juveniles includes creative writing, anger management, religious activities, and education. The offenses that the facility keeps and rehabilitates ranges from shoplifting, robbery and drug and substance abuse. They seek to bring accountability and public safety to the public as they detain and change the juveniles. In order to be effective with the care and bring about positive change, the facility works together with the Youth Service Commission who provide oversite for the planning and development of programs which seek community programs that at-risk youth can be involved in.

The Youth Service Commission contracts agencies which in turn provide community-based services that the juveniles can work on to better themselves. Some of the services the YSC provides include Inpatient/outpatient Substance Abuse, Mentoring Home Detention / Electronic Monitoring, Community Service Program for youth on Probation and Bullying. This services prove to be effective and to some lifesaving to some individuals. Growing up isn’t easy and the Ocean County juvenile center provides mentoring programs to seek to positively motivate and inspire the juveniles so as to have a better outlook on life.

The Juvenile Female Secure Care and Intake Facility serves as a secure area for females who have been incarcerated. Being the only center in the state that provides a secure environment for females and providing them with education, treatment, and custody for them. Offered to the public to rehabilitate and train them and strives to educate, train and prepare the females to live more responsible lives and as law abiding citizens. They offer academic incentives to educate and train them in order to attain high school diploma and certificate. Other services that have had a positive impact on the female juveniles include group and individual counseling, alcohol and substance abuse treatment, family life and helping them plan after their release. Some of the offenses that are high with the female juveniles are simple assault and illegal substance abuse. These services prove effective as the environment is less restrictive and brings about positivity.

Juvenile Medium Security Facility (JMSF) under the Juvenile Justice Commission of the state of New Jersey offers a safe environment for male juveniles of up to 118 individuals. They provide services to males between the age of 14 and 20 years majority of them being 16 or 17 years. A secure environment provided by the staff seeks to rehabilitate the juveniles via education, counseling and medical services. All rounded education is offered in the facility by the correctional officers where the main supervisors are assigned to individual units to offer better and personal relation to the youngsters. Custody officers, substance abuse counselors, mental health clinicians, youth workers and certified teachers offer effective services to ensure progress and life changing moments so as to ensure more productive individuals.

The state of New Jersey’s Juvenile Justice Commission provides funding facilities to the juvenile correctness centers in the state. Together with agencies that seek to promote the well-being of the children. The funding area including the federal funding through the Juvenile Justice, and Delinquency Prevention Program, and State/Community Partnership Grant Program Juvenile Accountability Block Grant Program. The Office also offers the Grant Management Unit, Court Liaisons, and the Juvenile Detention Monitoring Unit.

All in all provision of facilities that even the eligible individual can have proper care and rehabilitation. Proper infrastructure is necessary to provide the intensive care for even the special cases of individuals in the community including special education. (Leone, 1994). 


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Leone, P. (1994). Education Services for Youth with Disabilities in A State-Operated Juvenile Correctional System: Case Study and Analysis. The Journal Of Special Education, 28(1), 43-58.

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