Unveiling the Masterplan to Derail Iran's Nuclear Program - Free Paper Sample

Published: 2023-11-06
Unveiling the Masterplan to Derail Iran's Nuclear Program - Free Paper Sample
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The attack is reported to have been orchestrated by the United States with the help of Israel against the nuclear plans of Iran. They infiltrated the Iranian nuclear program and wanted to create a situation where the Iranians felt they could not continue with their nuclear program (Nakashima & Warrick, 2012). It was mooted as a silent and slow method of damaging the Iran nuclear program to a devastating effect.

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It took several years to be detected. The malware was detected in 2010, while it was developed during the time of George Walker Bush, who had left office in 2008 (Nakashima & Warrick, 2012).
The idea began in 2006, effects began to show in 2008, and the malware was detected in 2008 (Nakashima & Warrick, 2012). This means there were about four years of working on the malware and infiltrating the Iran nuclear program.

The Extent of the Breach

At the time that the worm was discovered in 2010, coded as Olympic Games, the cyber weapon had destroyed about 1000 of the 6000 centrifuges that Iran was using to enrich uranium for making the atomic bombs (Nakashima & Warrick, 2012). This means that at about 16.7% of the program’s centrifuges.

In a case involving the United States and Israel on one side and Iran on the other side, it is always a diplomatic spat. Iran was involved in nuclear deal talks with other global powers, and this event may just have triggered their conscience to invoke pessimism in any deal that was being mooted. Iran reconsidered any concessions in the nuclear energy talks that were ongoing, forcing a hand among the other parties like the United States, North Korea, among others (Nakashima & Warrick, 2012).


In the attack orchestrated by the United States and Israel against the Iran nuclear program, the malware was introduced through spies and insiders. Therefore, two flaws can clearly be identified in that sense. The users and handling sensitive data were two main concerns for the institution that was handling the nuclear program. Arce et al. (2014) advised that the people who interact with the system either as end-users or in the maintenance and configuration end can make or ruin a system. Therefore, their actions must be clearly monitored. Had the Iranians monitored the people operating the system internally, the flaws may not have been introduced into their network. Sensitive data handling is vital in any system. Anything that compromises the integrity of the data must be detected and repelled early enough (Cheng et al., 2017). In such a system as the nuclear program, the introduction of any foreign data should be monitored and approved from the top. Such missing links enabled the colluders and the spies working for the United States and Israel to find their way and plant the Olympic Games into the nuclear program’s system.


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