Unveiling Generosity: A Personal Odyssey towards Kindness and Its Ripple Effect on the World - Free Paper

Published: 2023-12-03
Unveiling Generosity: A Personal Odyssey towards Kindness and Its Ripple Effect on the World - Free Paper
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Since I discovered who I am, there has been a lot of confusion about whether I am genuinely kind or not. I do not try explaining myself to people because it is pointless to do so. While younger, my parents would get upset at my actions, but they would not warn me about doing what I was doing.

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Generosity is my weakness or strength; it depends on how you view it from your perception. I believe in sharing the best with people, and it gives me 100% satisfaction and peace of mind when I share what I have with others. It does not have to be a material thing; it could be knowledge or general acts of service.

When I was younger, I would invite my friends to our house at the age of six and share everything that I had especially toys and food. I would request our nanny to prepare delicious food for my friends, who mostly were less fortunate. She would prepare the meals, and I would ask for permission from my parents to let my friends carry some toys with them and pack some food for them. This would give me so much joy that I let somebody smile even if it was just a small action.

For a long time, I have observed people suffer and even lack basic needs while their neighbors and friends have it all in life. I wonder what gives other people joy if it does not let the other person feel wanted and loved. The wealthy people, if they shared what they have with anyone around them, then there would be world peace and also would spread among us and teach the younger people the importance of sharing or giving willingly.

We had neighbors in the province, who we would share with almost everything we had, and after some time, they succeeded in life and became wealthy. My friends from that home ensured that they brought presents to our family for our kind deed to them when they did not have anything. They now own a big company in the city, and I encouraged them to continue touching other people’s lives.

Apart from good deeds coming back to us, you will notice that once you become your brother’s keeper, there is more than one gets. It also creates a good relationship with people, and it makes people love themselves and continue with the act of giving once they have succeeded.

I intentionally made it a habit of visiting the orphans and the less fortunate once in a while, to share food and other necessities that they may need. I always save a little cash in case I come across somebody who needs my help. I plan on starting a charity foundation that will reach more people and touch more lives.

Kindness is an act that everyone should have; it could not be much, but at least an activity that people can emulate. I can confidently say that my passion is to help people and ensure that they feel loved and accommodated despite their economic status, race, or religion. I believe that together we can make great things happen. I know that I am always ready to help anyone who needs my help; I even share my clothes and shoes with anybody who needs them more than I do.

The World would be a better place if we all chose kindness. Sharing is caring, and everything we own in this World is all vanity. If I help somebody today, they might help my sister tomorrow, and the chain continues, we should work towards making the environment around us a better place full of peace and love.

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