Essay Example: My Personal Integrity

Published: 2019-05-29
Essay Example: My Personal Integrity
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There are various characteristics that separate one individual from another. While some may be similar, others are very distinct and more pronounced in certain people than others. As a person, I know my strengths and weakness that separates me from my colleagues, friends, and even my brothers. One my distinct character that I believe separates me from most individuals is integrity. Defined as the quality of having strong moral principles and honesty, I have used integrity not only to live with people in the society but also in my studies; hence, I cannot get involved in activities that affect my integrity such as stealing in exams.

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Having been brought with humble and strict parents who knew God, I was taught that integrity is the tool that separates men from boys. In this context, I was brought in an environment that my only personal choice was to uphold ethical standards and consistent morality. Notably, I practiced to be honest and say the truth no matter how painful the situation. I remember one day we were sent by my father to collects some items from the shop together with my brother. Before reaching the shop, we got into a playing field where we stayed until it was dark, and we decided to go back home. On our way home, my brother told me to cheat our parents that the shop owner was not around yet we did not go. On reaching home, I told my father the truth, and he told that I will succeed in life because I have the weapon of survival that is integrity. Therefore, I am a person who adheres to moral codes, honesty, transparency, and complete harmony of what I think.

Following the experience from my parent and the way I was grown, I understand and know what integrity means. I know it is intangible and cannot be detected, but is a virtue that can be demonstrated. I know it is of great importance to be respectful, honest, kind, and considerate to everybody. In this manner, I treat everyone with direct honesty and give the best to my family and friends. Therefore, my morality and behavior possess the virtue of personal integrity since my actions are upon an internally consistent framework of ethical principles and standards.

Notably, my integrity cannot allow me cheat in exams. First, cheating is academic misconduct where learners want to pass dishonestly. Second, it interferes with ethical standards and regulation of examination. Moreover, I know by passing exams through theft, I will not only be cheating myself but also deceiving the examiners. However, with personal integrity I would rather fail than pass wrongfully since it will be injustice even to my classmates who worked hard to pass exams scrupulously. Therefore, my personal integrity cannot allow my conscience to cheat in exam because I know it is unethical.

Following the discussion herein, it suffices that individuals with integrity are known to stand up for what is right no matter how unpopular it appears. Therefore, when we are guided by our personal integrity our word and thoughts are together with each other, and our action goes with the principles. It is for these reasons that my personal integrity does not allow me to indulge in any misconduct such as stealing exams.

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