Free Essay on Whether Television Is Worth Watching

Published: 2021-03-15
Free Essay on Whether Television Is Worth Watching
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Most people are always glued to television during their free time. In fact, they spend most of their holidays watching events on TVs. Television is an audiovisual gadget that displays the picture and voices of the happenings of the day. Apart from its importance in keeping people busy, a television enables people to get the latest news on the happenings of the day and the week. Therefore, the importance of watching television cannot be underestimated. Many people are fanatics of movies and other films that make them happy and that are important in keeping their free time occupied. In any case, the television is a means of disseminating information from the communicators to the audience. Therefore, watching television is a very fundamental thing for those who want to gain more information on certain things.

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Watching television enables the audience to gain same intelligence. This is because of the programs that are aired on television. Additionally, the information that is displayed on the screen is a good food for thought for the audience. In this case, it enables them to think about the events that they have not been able to understand well. Therefore, it gives them a task, which is to try and understand the events. Through this, the audience gets more information, which they do not have before. This is important in growing their intelligence. Additionally, some of the programs are brainstorming. As such, they are important in keeping the audience informed. Additionally they enable them to exercise their mental strengths of examining and evaluating some of the events that were present in the television. In any case, people love to watch programs that give them the challenge of trying to decipher their true implications and purposes.

The programs that are aired on televisions are both informing and entertaining. As such, those watching television laugh when some of the programs are humorous. For instance, the comedy films that are aired enable the observers to enjoy them and laugh uncontrollably. This underscores the importance of laughter in ones life. Specifically, laughing has emotional as well as medicinal significance. People who laugh most are devoid of depression and stress. Therefore, it is viable to conclude that watching television is important from a health perspective. To increase the circulation of blood in the body, an individual must laugh. Therefore, watching television is important in helping in the circulation of blood throughout the body. Additionally, it controls blood pressure, alongside other important benefits. In this case, watching television is an advantage to the audience since it gives them a sense of happiness and relief.

The current means of communication are based on electronic and social media. A television transmits information from the source to the final consumer who is the audience. In this regard, the television is the easiest and most convenient means of communication among people. Any announcements that are intended for the public are made through electronic media and specifically the television. Additionally, the advertisers of several goods and services use the television as a means of displaying their commodities. As such, the customers who are the final consumers are able to access the information from their television sets. Additionally, those wishing to communicate important messages use the television as the avenues. As such, the audience is able to respond back by either buying the products and services or giving their opinions on the suitability of the same.

The last most important thing about watching television is its educational and informative value. From the news that is broadcasted live, to the updates that are provided, the television is a source or information to the audience. Notably, most of the people who watch television intend to learn about the current happenings in the society. Additionally, they intend to be updated about a story that has been hitting the headlines. Moreover, some of the programs that are aired are of educational value. For instance, the programs on family and life educate the audience on how to take care of their families. Additionally, television programs advise them on how to solve any differences arising out of disagreements in the family.

In conclusion, the television is worth watching because of the benefits that it has on the life and well-being of the audience. For instance, watching television is impotent in improving and testing the intelligence of the audience. In this case, the brainstorming that certain programs have enables the mind of the audience to be always engaged. Additionally, the entertainment that the audience gets from watching the television is good for their health. This is because; people tend to laugh from the humorous programs that are aired on TV. Further, the television has been used as the means of communication. In this regard, important announcements and pronouncements are made via the television. Products and services that are offered by different entities are also introduced in the market via the advertisements that are made on TV. Most importantly, a television is an educational device that can be used by families to solve their family disputes and differences. As result, television is worth watching due to its enormous benefits.

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