Unlocking Minds: A Comprehensive Exploration of Mental Health in 'Silver Linings Playbook' - Paper Example

Published: 2024-01-15
Unlocking Minds: A Comprehensive Exploration of Mental Health in 'Silver Linings Playbook' - Paper Example
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A social issue describes a problem that affects a considerable number of people within a society. The issue compromises their welfare, and in most cases, they are unable to live everyday life therefore limiting their abilities. There are multiple social issues, some of which are associated with an individual's health. Therefore, there is a need to address the problems to promote support for the people supporting them (Norton 20). In this case, the problem of interest is mental health. Mental health has been a social issue, although there has not been enough focus on it. Mental health is rarely discussed enough because of the stigma associated with it. Therefore, most people are not aware of its implications among victims. Thus, in this case, the issue is pointed out in a movie. There is a wide variety of scenes that show the effects of mental health. Majorly, through character and plot development, multiple issues have been highlighted, which show the impact of mental health in society.

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Mental Health in Silver Linings Playbook

The mental health issue covered in the movie is bipolar disorder, whereby Pat Solitano is suffering from the illness. He is released from the psychiatric hospital, where he had been receiving treatment for his condition. The coverage of a hospital shows the care individuals should be given, which in most cases they are denied. After being released from the hospital, he is better than when he had been admitted. Given the chance that he was not permitted to the hospital, his condition would have deteriorated. In the long run, he would have suffered from advanced complications because of bipolar disorder (Sari 3). However, he received adequate help, which therefore enabled him to have a better life. From the scene when he is released from the hospital, it is appreciated that individuals with the disorder should receive adequate support from society.

When individuals receive help from professionals, there is a high probability that they will have better lives in the long run. When Pat Solitano is released from the hospital, he is more vibrant and reasonable than he was when he was admitted at first. He has adequate knowledge about how to take care of himself despite his previous condition (Myers 1). Therefore, that shows the significance of administering professional help to individuals. The fact that he was given a chance to better care in a hospital shows the concern that society should have for people with mental illness. Moreover, he makes more informed decisions based on self-care, such as the preference of having a therapist's services. Therefore, when individuals receive adequate help, they can effectively overcome their social issues based on Pat Solitano's example. He practices more self-care activities, an example being a commitment to physical exercise, which is meant to help him keep fit. Without professional intervention from the hospital, he would not be in a position to practice self-care.

The other character in the movie who was shown to have a mental disorder was Pat Solitano's father, obsessive-compulsive disorder. However, he does not receive as much help as the son, which highlights society's issues (Russell 24). In most families, mental health disorders are associated with old age. Therefore, when an individual who is in their advanced age experiences a social issue, they are reluctant to offer them help. Compared to younger people, older individuals receive less assistance when they are suffering from a mental disorder. However, some of the blame is based on their own conduct. In this case, masculinity is to blame for the suffering, whereby there is a perception that he is a man, and therefore he will deal with the problem even with no help. The mental disorder is mostly expressed through his addiction to gambling, which compromises his life quality (Quick 5). Despite admitting that mental health is a problem in the movie, he does not receive as much help as he should have. Therefore, there is evidence of neglect that people face when they suffer from mental disorders in society.

Tiffany Maxwell is the other character in the movie that is used to show the social issue of mental health in the film. He meets Pat, and they reveal to one another that they are suffering from mental disorders. There is a close relationship between Pat and Tiffany Maxwell, which is based on their similar social issue that is affecting their everyday lives. Pat is committed to helping Tiffany Maxwell deal effectively with her mental health problem. He has a better understanding of the significance of addressing mental health issues because he had received professional care earlier (Cooper et al. 1). Tiffany Maxwell is reluctant, but she later gives in to the help that is being offered by Pat. In the long run, the two help each other in dealing effectively with their mental disorders. At the end of the movie, they are in a much better place because of mutual support. Therefore, in addition to professional help, there is a realization from the movie that support is essential for an individual to overcome mental issues.

Individuals who are battling various social issues can have an everyday life, too, highlighted in the movie. After adequate interventions, as depicted in the film, Pat and Tiffany enjoy a great romantic relationship. They led an extraordinary life through the help they received, which other individuals did not think would be possible, given the type of issue they were facing. However, everyday life can only be achieved when the people in charge craft a great strategy. For example, Pat's father did not gain great experience with his condition. He tries to have a great relationship with his son in vain. The result would have been so much different if he had sought the services of a professional. Furthermore, had he received enough help from other parties in the family or from closer relationships, he would have benefited from their support, therefore achieving better results in the long run.

Although Pat was getting some help, and achieving some improvement, he had some episodes of mental illness which were evident through his behavior. One of the instances was when he would hear his wedding song and have flashbacks about his wife. “I can’t watch my wedding video, but I CAN hear the fucking song in my head, goddamn it” (Cooper et al. 54). Therefore, although he achieved some progress in dealing with the mental illness, he had a problem getting over some of the emotions attached to his previous life when he did not suffer from serious effects of the illness. Furthermore, there was an episode where he got into a fight with fans of an opposing team at Tailgate. He lost control of his emotions when he saw a fight, and although his friend Jake cautioned him, he lost his cool and got into the fight. He is arrested alongside the other fan who started the fight. Therefore, based on the evidence, it is seen that he had some bad days, despite all the people around him wanting him to enjoy better welfare.

Social issues are associated with a great deal of stigma, which prompts most people to treat it as a secret. Moreover, some are defiant to seek help, which leads to even more severe consequences because the problem remains unsolved for longer. A great example in the movie is Pat's father, who is defiant regarding the help he needs. On the contrary, there was Pat, who agreed to receive the help he needed. Moreover, Tiffany was willing to accept the help that Pat offered, which effectively dealt with the issue. Moreover, through the collaboration that was enhanced through their relationship, they were better positioned to address their mental health issue.


Many people are affected by various social issues in society; however, they rarely receive the type of help they should get. Therefore, they end up suffering, which is highlighted in the movie, as seen by Pat's father. When individuals do not address their mental health struggles, the build-up compromises their quality of life in the long run, the other essential aspect that was addressed in the movie regarding mental health is the importance of support when dealing with mental health. People must receive adequate help from their networks. The family and friends are a great source of help, which is focused on in the movie, based on Pat and Tiffany's example. Lastly, there is the importance of seeking professional help when addressing mental health. Pat was taken to the hospital, and after his release, he was a better individual. The movie is an excellent account of what to and not to do regarding mental health.

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