Essay Sample on Unethical and Disruptive Behavior

Published: 2023-08-30
Essay Sample on Unethical and Disruptive Behavior
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What actions can be taken based on the bylaws that you currently have in place?

Different actions can be undertaken based on the medical bylaws given. Firstly, Mr. Homer needs to have his contract terminated for misconduct violation as per the medical staff bylaws. The act asserts that employees, although not limited to, disruptive behavior, abandonment of a patient, falsification of records, or unethical behavior should be suspended, have their clinical privileges reduced, or have their contract terminated. Mr. Homer was aware of his actions when he milled the buckle on Mike's helmet to intentionally cause harm to Academy players. It is unethical and disruptive behaviour for Mr Homer to injure his son's opponent player as an act of revenge and winning strategy.

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Secondly, Mr. Homer should be charged as a ground action for personal conflict violation. He was frustrated that his son was excessively head slapped and thus milled his son's buckle as a retaliation tactic. Such actions violate the medical bylaws which act as enough ground to terminate Mr Homer contract. Lastly, Mr Homer had an improper use of Medical Center Resources. He confesses to personally mill the buckle that had caused harm to some of the Academy players. Nonetheless, apart from terminating his medical contract, it is a legal case that should be presented to the court. Mr Homer deliberately wanted to instil harm to other people and in which resulted in one player sustaining three cuts that would require ten stitches (Veshi & Neitzke, 2015). Consequently, two other academy players were bleeding from wounds to their arms and hands.

If charges are filed by the District Attorney against the dentist, but he hasn't yet gone to trial, can action be initiated against his privileges?

Actions can be initiated against Mr Homer privileges if he fails to attend a trial if charges are filed by the District Attorney. The reason is that he would have violated the Specific Rules of the Medical Center or the particular Medical Staff. The policy under the medical staff bylaws requires their employees oblige or adhere to responsibilities relative to call and consultation and call (Veshi & Neitzke, 2015). In that perspective, Mr Homes failing to report to the District Attorney acts a ground action to limit his medical privileges.

With the information you currently have, do you need to report the dentist to the NPDB? If so, for what reason(s)? If not, why not, and what action would need to be taken for reporting to be appropriate?

Based on the information given concerning Mr Homes situation, there is the need to report him to the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB). The reason is that the organization aims at protecting the public against reports on medical malpractices and specific severe actions linked to health care practitioners (Hisham & D-Souza, 2019). Mr Homes is aware that milling the buckles would harm the Linsly Academy players but remain unbothered by his actions. In that regard, Mr Homes does not meet the professional standards of a dentist as he can intentionally cause harm to an individual,


Hisham, S., & D-Souza, B. (2019). Awareness of Medico-Legal Aspects and Documentation amongst Health Professionals in a Tertiary Care Hospital. Medico-Legal Update, 19(2), 257. doi: 10.5958/0974-1283.2019. 00183.x

Veshi, D., & Neitzke, G. (2015). Living Wills in Italy: Ethical and Comparative Law Approaches. European Journal of Health Law, 22(1), 38-60.

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