Paper Example: Neurological Disorders Impair the Normal Functioning of the Brain.

Published: 2023-11-24
Paper Example: Neurological Disorders Impair the Normal Functioning of the Brain.
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Understanding the symptoms and management of pick disorder can help affected parties to seek early medical intervention and adequately manage the disease to avoid adverse mental and physical impairments.

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Symptoms of picks disorder

Symptoms of Pick’s disorder are easily confused for Alzheimer’s disease. Patients of Pick’s disorder exhibit the following symptoms.

  1. Mood changes.
  2. Lack of interest in social activities.
  3. Rapid memory loss.
  4. Incoherent speech.
  5. Causes of pick’s disorder
  6. Pick’s disorder is caused by abnormal growth of nerve cells
  7. Research has shown that Pick’s disease can be inherited among family members.

Diagnosing of Pick’s disorder

The diagnosis may take up to two years after onset of the symptoms.

Visit the hospital for a comprehensive neurological examination. An image scan shows the malignant cells in the brain. Review of behavioral changes that the patient has experienced.

Managing Pick’s disorder

  • There is no specific treatment for pick disorder.
  • Doctors can only give anti-psychotic drugs to help manage behavior changes.
  • Patients should seek treatment for underlying conditions that may worsen the situation.


Pick’s disorder is a neurological condition that manifests itself through acute memory loss and may lead to death if not well managed. The disease is caused by abnormal nerve cells in the brain(Krans,2018). Most people suffering from Pick’s disorder do not know about their condition due to lack of diagnosis. If treatment is sought early in advance adverse effects on the brain may be controlled (Murray et al., 2014). For patients to adequately manage the condition they should be aware of its symptoms as well as the right treatment procedure. This paper looks at Pick’s disorder with close emphasis on the symptoms, how to get treatment and the best ways to manage the condition.

Symptoms of Pick disorder sometimes mimic depression (Pineda et al., 2016). Patients tend to show lack of interest in day to day activities, forgetfulness and unexplained mood changes (Murray et al, 2014)2. They also easily lose concentration on a task and may experience difficulties in speech and reading (Pineda et al, 2016)3. Although not very common, patients ,may experience kidney and liver failure. Contrary to other forms of dementia which begin to show in old age patients Pick’s disorder may be experienced by young adults.

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