Free Essay. The Reason Why Performance Management Is Reviewed Every Decade

Published: 2023-01-13
Free Essay. The Reason Why Performance Management Is Reviewed Every Decade
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Performance management is considered after every decade to assess whether there is any need for change that can make the organization achieve its expected goals. It also allows the organization to understand its current management position, which is the information the managers require to improve the organization's performance. At the end of every decade, the organization needs to know how individual employee is performing so that it can decide on how to retain the best talents who make the organization perform according to the expectation of the executives.

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Measuring Performance Management in Public Service

The public services such as education, legal assistance and health are not easy to measure. These public services require measuring similar behavior of an individual civil servant or the Government institution itself. For example, it is not easy to know if the teacher has followed the curriculum or if the doctor has followed the correct procedure when administering the drug. Public services which are easy to measure include department of finance, production and logistics. These public services require benchmarking only to measure their performance. They are expected to use a performance target to understand their performance.


Performance management is an essential aspect of public service. It ensures that the Government agencies align their goals with the goals of the workers and this increase the working morale and performance of workers. It is also necessary to carry out performance management measure after every decade to understand the current state of the organization and also to incorporate an appropriate approach that can enhance the performance of the organization and that of workers.


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