Nathan Flu Essay Sample

Published: 2019-06-04
Nathan Flu Essay Sample
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The disease cardiac bronchus flu, can also be called Nathan flu named after the first man to be diagnosed with the flu in 1988. It was one of the deadliest diseases in the early 1980s after killing about three hundred thousand people in the northern part of German. Nathan Heinsenburg was the first to be detected with this deadly disease. The flu triggered myriad of question about its origin since some of the inhabitants of the Northern German were immune to this disease bringing speculations on where the disease came from.

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The flu is caused by a virus and can be transmitted through air, also it is asymptotic since after one is affected by the flu they might feel better but can still infect other people. The Nathan flu affects both the digestive system, immune system and the respiratory system. It causes the release of cytokines by the immune system that actually causes muscle pain and headache. The virus that spreads Nathan flu causes the cell lining in the respiratory system to die and shed off causing infection to the progressive cell layers. It affects the digestive system in such away that the cytokines lead to loss of appetite.

Gender and sex are known to have a force on the vulnerability of people to a number of infectious diseases. Nathan flu affects human populations through seasonal pandemics, epidemics and localized outbreaks. This disease is worse for men and independent of age but its magnitude varies across geographical regions. It is worse just due to the hormonal differences between the genders. This disease is also more severe for pregnant women especially in their second and third trimester.

There are several symptoms associated with the Nathan flu. Early symptoms may be loss of appetite, fatigue and general malaise followed shortly by watering eyes, chills, sharp pains in the shoulders and aching muscles. The late symptoms may be high fever, blood flowing out of the nose, eyes and later the mouth and wracking cough. Victims never survived long than just a few days. Its diagnosis involves patient history of the flu disease and various effects of the flu like blood flow out of eyes, mouth and nose. Blood flow out of the body parts and high body temperature may affirm the disease.

Other types of flu can just go away after a week but Nathan flu is more complicated as it can be treated by drinking warm water to reduce its impact and using oseltamivir phosphate and peramivir that reduce body pain and give some relief. These can also be taken for preventive measures through vaccination to avoid spreading the disease to other people. One should have rest after medication until the flu is resolved if the illness is severe. Also drinking a lot of fluids to avoid dehydration is highly recommended and urine should be observed so as to avoid severe effects. After the treatment direct contact with an individual with Nathan flu should be avoided.

The flu is assoiciated with a number of benefits because the vaccine diagnosed to the patient lowers the patients odds of getting the following diseases; the heart attack/failure, stroke or death. The demerits; Due to vagaries the flu virus in the lungs wrought can reduce the level of oxygen, thus making the heart to work extra hard. Another demerit of the flu is that it can injure the muscle of the heart cell, leading to the failure of the heart.

Cardiac bronchus flu has no disability that is directly related to it at its early stages but if not treated very quickly, this disease can cause mental redundancy. Also oozing of blood from the mouth, eyes and nose may easily lead to death. Therefore anyone with the signs should make sure to see a doctor rather than waiting for the condition to become severe. The affected person must see a Pulmonologist for examination and treatment.

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