Paper Example. Promotion Critique

Published: 2023-01-19
Paper Example. Promotion Critique
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Advertisement is a picture, short film, or video that tries to convince people about the benefits of using a particular product or service. In America, most businesses making it in the current competitive markets have capitalized on the advertisement. Television advertisement has proved to be the best platform since it reaches a much larger audience at ago and most importantly when the audience is most attentive This paper will locate and identify the best and the worst advertisement in National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and American Broadcasting Company (ABC). It will elaborate on why the two publications are significant and worse respectively and also suggest what they could have incorporated in the ads.

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The Price Is Right: Play at Home Game TV Advertisement, 'Win Cash'

The Play at a Home game advertisement is one of the best adverts in our times. The commercial is aired in the American CBS TV station. The great mood with radiant smiles by the actors sets the stage, and this would grasp the audience attention at any time of the day. The actors use facial expressions, and body language has dramatically enhanced the audio by the man on the background, thus show the audience how the gaming is fun while still beneficial. The advert has profoundly invested in colors which are attractive and would catch the audience attention by 100 percent. The advert has considered the illiterate and blind by generously investing images. Without the sounds of the actors, the audience can quickly grasp the content of the advert, or at least what it about.The background is cheering creates a real-life gaming for the audience, which makes it more exciting and entertaining. With the pace of the advert, the client has no time to predict the next move, thus keeps one attentive and interested. So far, this is the best advertisement that has managed to catch viewers' attention by creating awareness of the game while still entertaining the viewers.

FOX TV Advertisement, Green it Means it: Plastic

The advert is aired on Fox TV channel and has a slot of only two seconds. The advert features Dominic Purcell. Even though the advert has featured a public figure which makes it grab the audience, it is concise and brief. This makes it difficult for the watchers to quickly grasp the content or rather the purpose of the advert. The advert did not consider barriers such as illiteracy, especially the older people viewing it, and they could have used images with plastics all over showing how they pollute the environment, the blind and illiterate can understand the advert.Pictures speak a million words. Dominic Purcell is very fast when talking, and if he considered being a bit slow, then the audience can capture the content without necessarily replaying or waiting for the next time the advert will play. The actor should focus on using body language and facial expressions. He can move, use sign language while still talking to enhance the delivery of the intended message. Basically, for the goal of this advertisement to be achieved, the poor communication skills exhibited should be improved.


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