Essay Example on Transformational Leadership

Published: 2019-06-07
Essay Example on Transformational Leadership
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This is the type of leadership that causes a change in an individual as well as the social practices (Hawkins, 2011). This means that leaders find areas that need change, create a vision as a guide by inspiring the change and through the commitment from the group members they can implement the change that is needed. The goal of transformational leadership is to add value to the followers and impacting positive change with the main goal being to develop leaders. Transformational leadership is used to enhance the morale, motivation as well as the performance of the group followers (In Dumas and In Beinecke, 2015) . The leadership uses mechanisms such as being role models and setting a good example that can be emulated by the followers. The leaders can also challenge the followers to take ownership for their actions and work as well as trying to understand the strong and weak points of the followers. By understanding their group, leaders can assign tasks according to the strength of each group member thus reaching optimization level (Yukl, 1981).

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Mission statement for NJIT

New Jersey Institute of Technology is the university offering Science and Technology by use of modern research. The university educates students from New Jersey and the world and has over the years improved the wellbeing of individuals and the society through programs of research. The University has degree programs in at least six specialized schools offering the best curriculum with over 98% of the students holding the highest degrees in their specific fields. The academic programs offered by NJIT are accredited by the appropriate examination bodies. NJIT is, therefore, able to provide higher education programs that allow students to develop and sharpen their skills that they will use to compete in the professional field. With their vast knowledge, students from NJIT will be able to improve the productivity and growth of organizations they will work for as well as provide excellent leadership in the society at large.

NJIT hold amazing students and has over time been ranked as the number one in offering engineering courses to the minority groups. NJITs extensive programs are done online, offer flexibility to those professionals who are already working. NJIT also offers competitive internship programs for its students, and this makes it easy for students to get internships on their own. To add to this, NJIT, Department of Continuing Professional Education has over the years trained 74,000 workforces in different private organizations. NJITs applied research program is the center of research on technology that is known to fuel the advancement of knowledge in todays economy. Over the past years, NJIT has been able to raise over $110 million funds for its research programs. It is widely known in New Jersey as the university that offers over the top research through its high-tech laboratories as well as the centers of excellence. NJIT has also been ranked by NSF as the university whose core program is engineering.

NJIT has a powerful strategy to enlarge their knowledge through expansion of their vision and exchange of ideas. The Institute of Technology is committed to the economic development of the New Jersey region as it is the first institution to implement the economic expansion as the main goal of the institution. The university has over the years given assistance to small companies within New Jersey so that they become competitive in the global world. Most of the development centers in New Jersey have business hubs that are powered by NJIT lavatories and can come up with innovating ideas to produce new products.

The university has grown tremendously in that students in the first years of the institution studied in rented structures. The rented structures are no more and students today study in the state of art buildings. The university intends to grow further by increasing its infrastructure and expanding their programs so that they can blend in the ever changing world. NJIT also plans to offer access and public deals that will help support those that are living in New Jersey. They intend to do this by engaging other stakeholders such as the roads authority so as to generate, assimilate, apply new knowledge as well as integrate the knowledge to the society.

NJIT is one of the most important universities in New Jersey due to its vast centers of research that create a conducive learning environment for its students as well as in the field of professionals. The University also recognizes the importance of its location and tries to link its teachings to the massive resources of New Jersey. NJIT now seeks to diversify its programs so as to support the research issues that come about globally and the creation of relationships with other countries. It also presumes its duty of advancing the learning programs so as to become the best technology hub in the world and to show the world some of its efforts.

Vision Statement

NJIT strives to introduce leading programs that are competitive in the world of technology.


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