Essay Example on the Sahara Special Story

Published: 2019-10-31
Essay Example on the Sahara Special Story
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There are those time real life seems a pale shadow compared to the life that we envision in our heads. And in most cases, those who live in their imaginations are perceived differently by the society, even by those who are close like friends and family, because such a life does not conform to societys expectations. Such is the case with Sahara Special, a story about a little girl named Sahara and a separate case of a boy named Darrel. Both are children bestowed with special gifts but do not know how they shall unleash them for the benefit of the society. Sahara has a special gift in writing, but she believes that the world should first like her before she can present her gifts. Darrel, on the other hand, has a special gift, just like Sahara but he leads a somewhat different life. Both encounter problems at home and are receiving special education at school. Sahara deals with her issues by shrinking into her cocoon, being silent and alone. Darrel, on the other hand, is loud about his problems and makes everyone go mad. These children all have a problem; they are lonely, and one tries to solve the issue by being aloof and withdrawn while the other becomes louder and irate. Such is the case with many kids; they are lonely and do not know how to express their loneliness. It is even worse when they feel that they do not have anyone to open up to who understands them. Sahara, for instance, does not finish her homework, even though she likes her teacher Miss Pointy because she thinks that they are things which are not important to know at school. She also spends a considerable amount of her time imagining what other students had put down in their journals, instead of spending her time writing her own.

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Sahara finds herself craving for attention from her teacher and feels isolated when Miss Pointy seems to have forgotten her when distributing the stickers. She becomes hard on herself by thinking that she did not receive the stickers because she had not done the assignment given by the teacher. In most cases, children who are unique and seen as outcasts in the society crave for attention and would do all manner of things just to get recognition. Sahara takes Luzs sticker who later blames Paris for it. Sahara feels terrible about it and admonishes herself for her selfish act, considering that her friends had treated her well at all times. Perhaps children who are talented and do not conform to the normal patterns of the society, children who smell and see and learn things differently are just as normal as any other regular children. They should be encouraged to trust themselves and should be made to feel that their uniqueness is appreciated and bring a different flavor in this world. A special bond ensues between Sahara and Darrel, as both feel that they are both labeled as bad students by the school. Sahara learns to appreciate her new friend, not be judgmental as she understands that he is better than most people perceive him.

The story of Sahara and Darrel represents the challenges faced by children who are unique and do not behave as other regular children do. It is the story of those children who live in their minds and seem withdrawn from the rest. They should be encouraged to be just who they are and not be considered as special kids.

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