This Is the Science News Essay You Want to Read - Article Review Paper

Published: 2022-08-19
This Is the Science News Essay You Want to Read - Article Review Paper
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This Is the Science News Essay You Want to Read - Article Review

In the article, "This Is the Science News Essay You Want to Read" (2017), Marti Hearst argues that intelligent systems have made it easier for people in the modern world to make choices by lowering the number of options available to choose from. Hearst explains the functioning of the intelligent systems which analyze a person's likes, selects the most appropriates likes and presents three or four choices for the person to choose from, hence making the decision-making process easier and straightforward (Hearst, 2016). Hearst is motivated by the fact that it is easier for a person to choose from three options rather than from tens of options as used to happen in the 90s and 00s. Hearst appeals to his audience by using an example of a person who wants to read news on an online platform, the platform selects the most personalized news for him or her, thus helping him to make the right decision.

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The topic of intelligent systems can be tailored to meet the research project by explaining how marketers systematically study consumer behavior and tailor advertisements of interest to the consumers to help them find what they are looking for (Matsatsinis & Siskos, 2012).

When the Rule of Law Is Not Working - Article Review

In the article "When the Rule of Law Is Not Working" (2018), Karl Sigmund suggests that corruption has detrimental effects on the economy and impedes investment. Sigmund illuminates the impact of corruption on the economy by describing a scenario where the corrupt people use dubious ways to hoodwink the genuine investors and getting away with their hard-earned money (Sigmund, 2018). Sigmund's motivation to write this article is to sensitize governments, private organizations, agencies responsible for fighting corruption and the people themselves against the detrimental effects of corruption. He targets agencies in the war against corruption by informing them that bribery reduces when they take strict action against the corrupt persons but resumes once the efforts to fight it are stopped.

This topic can be harnessed for the research project as it deals with a social-economic problem that affects all countries in the world and is a significant cause of social ills in the society (Tay, Herian & Diener, 2014). The research project can be aimed at finding permanent solutions to the war on corruption by suggesting ways that agencies in the fight against corruption can employ to reduce the vice. This topic is important as it touches on the economy of the world.

Sexual double standards - Article Review

The article, "Sexual Double Standards" (2018) by Martie Haselton claims that the world has double standards when dealing with women's sexual demands by focusing on the men's needs at the expense of the women (Millett, 2016). Haselton gives various examples of how men's needs are quickly and expertly met while those of women receive unsafe, temporary and defective solutions where she provides an example of Viagra in men which solves bedroom problems within an hour while women's birth-control pills have side effects of unknown magnitude, yet they are expected to use them (Haselton, 2018). Haselton wrote this article to sensitize the world on the double standards applied to women's needs. She addresses pharmaceutical manufacturers, policymakers and the public in general and calls for more emphasis to be placed on women products.

This topic can be tailored to meet the requirements of the research project as it concerns the health of women, the emphasis on men's products, and the hardships experienced by women. The research paper could narrow down on the bias seen in the safety of pharmaceutical products by juxtaposing the safety of products available for men with those manufactured for women.


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