Rock Solid Industry Parts, IncExecutive Summary

Published: 2023-03-04
Rock Solid Industry Parts, IncExecutive Summary
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The use of technology is essential in improving corporate sales and increasing profitability in the current time (Coronel & Morris, 2016). Rock Solid Industry decides to implement the use of technology to increase its sales in the competitive auto spares market. The decision to apply technology to support sales will involve a combination of Apple laptops, Apple tablets, and Windows laptops. The briefing includes a detailed comparison of Android, Apple, and Windows-based solutions, and an explanation as to why the decision is viable for the company. It equally involves evaluation and assessment of the implications of the implementation process that involves the Salesforce CRM system and hardware solutions

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Apple, Windows or Android

The RSIP (IT) implementation team will employ the use of both Apple and Windows-based systems

As the table below compares the window-based and Apple solutions to promote the daily sales work of RSIP, only phones will be excluded.

Based on research, iOS and Windows systems have higher security measures than Android

However, Apple would be a better option for both mobile and desktop devices due to its universal clipboard and the seamless Hand-off properties

Given that some sales representatives are windows system literate, little training will be required for the implementation plan.

Apple Windows Android

laptop Tablet phone laptop tablet phone tablet phone

Support Salesforce yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Support HTML5 Web yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Present PDF good good bad good good bad good bad

Display high solution graphics and videos good good bad good good bad good bad

Edit spreadsheets and sales documents good medium bad good medium bad Medium bad

User experience across desktop and mobile Good good good medium medium medium bad bad

System security medium good good medium medium good bad bad

Battery life medium good medium medium good medium medium medium

Support IMAP email yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Laptops, Tablets, or Smartphones

The implementation process will require a combination of Apple laptop, Apple tablet, and Windows laptop due to the following reasons

All of them effectively support Salesforce, IMAP address, HTML5, editing of documents, displaying high-resolution videos and graphics, and perfect user experience

Apple tablets are suitable for external sales activities since people can easily carry it around and have extended battery life. The use of tablets will allow an increase in sales revenue by about 28%.

Both laptops and tablets will support different types of work given that the sales team will perform inside and external sales

Windows and Apple laptops will be more useful for inside sales since it deals with more paperwork such as PDF and Office

It is imperative to note that mobile phones are not suitable for the presentation of PDF, displaying videos and graphics, and document editing because of its smaller screen size.

Implementation issues

Several issues and implications will come up during the implementation process. However, the most significant issue would be how to enable the salespersons to accept and adopt the new solution.

The second issue would be how to offer the relevant training to enable them to adopt the system. That is because the majority of RSIP employees are not tech-savvy, and they require more time to understand the devices and the entire platforms.


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