Chinese Menu - Nutrition Essay Sample

Published: 2022-04-07
Chinese Menu - Nutrition Essay Sample
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The selected foods in the Chinese menu (appendix 1) comprises of a mixture of healthy meals. In general, the menu is mostly made up of meals from meat products. Whole suckling pig, shark fin soup, lobster, crabmeat and goose fits are all meals prepared out of meat and meat products. Besides, the menu has incorporated fruits such as melon which is nutritious since they contain carotenoids. The incorporation of vegetables in the menu, for instance, spring onions ensures that the menu has meals that have minerals and vitamins. Eggs, on the other hand, have calories and proteins required by the body for growth. In general, it is true to say that the menu has balanced diet meals. This paper will discuss whole suckling pig, crab claw and crispy pigeon meals giving their nutrition values, their category in cuisines as well as explaining whether they are healthy or not.

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Whole suckling pig

Suckling piglets are slaughtered when they are at the age of between 3 and 12 weeks. The meat can either be fried or roasted depending on the menu being prepared. The meal was originally from Spain thus was considered as a Spanish Cuisine. However, whole suckling pig meat later become popular in Western and Asian regions hence it can be categorized as western or Asian cuisine. Just like any other meal prepared from meat, whole suckling pig contains bones. If they are not properly disposed they can cause water blockages on the ground leading to stagnant water that destroys the soil. However, if properly integrated into the soil, they add nitrogen, calcium and phosphorous into the soil.

The nutrition values of whole suckling pig are mostly high calories. One serving of a whole suckling pig has 199 calories. This includes 8% protein, 7% fat and 85% carbs. The total carbohydrates in on serving (0.25 Ib) contains 43.2g. The values of calories (1482cal), carbs, cholesterol, fiber, protein, saturated fat, and sodium are very high, low, very high, moderate, moderate, very high and modest respectfully ( 2018). This is a clear indication that whole suckling pig is healthy and nutritious. Apart from the nutrition values, people eat the meat since it is tasty and goes well with crowd events. Roasting whole sucking pig in in a party such as garden party or wedding it makes the event more fun and memorable. People will enjoy the barbecue and make the party more thrilling and lightened up (Kitchin, 2018).

Crab Claw

Crab Claw is used for different cuisines in the world. This is because crabs are readily available in seas and oceans and most countries have seas or oceans. Some of the cuisines that have crab claws include French, American, Chinese, and Canadian Cuisines. The claw (s) is taken from the crab and crab returned into the water. The claw can make both white meat and the claw itself. The claw is dark pink, has a stronger taste and more expensive than the white part of the claw.

In one serving which is 0.25 pound, there are 292 calories and total fats 19g. The other nutrients present in crab claw are saturated sugars, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, sodium, potassium, proteins, and curbs which contain 2g, 6g, 11g, 154mg, 20mg, 20g, and 6g respectfully. Crab claws do not contain fiber and Trans. However, Crab claws have a high value of cholesterol (100mg) which is about 70% of components in one serving. On the contrary, the cholesterol level is law as compared to whole suckling pig (292mg) and other meals ( 2018). Hence this is one of the healthy meals.

People love crab claw since it is cheaper and tasty as compared to lobster. Additionally, crab is said to be full of omega-3 fats which are good for immune system, prevent heart disease and building muscles. Furthermore, the proteins in crab are good for setting appetite as well as building and repair body tissues. Research also indicates that crab meals help to lower blood pressure, reduce ulcerative colitis and psoriasis. The minerals in crab including zinc, selenium, and copper which are good in supporting immune systems (Sykes, & Blythman, 2018). Crabs do not have any negative effects on the environment since when alive they help in balancing the food chain in the sea. When good, the left-overs or by-products have no effects on the environment.

Crispy pigeon

Pigeons are birds that are mostly domestic birds which are reared as pets. However, the birds can also be used as a meal. A crispy pigeon can be categorized as Egyptian and Chinese cuisines. Pigeon meat (also known as the squad in some countries) is said to be tender, rich in taste and moist than any the other birds like chicken. However, in terms of quantity, they are smaller in size than the other birds. Pigeons were not eaten by most people in many traditions because they were seen as a dirty and rat-like animal. However, today, the bird's meat is considered to be healthy and nutritious. Besides their droppings have environmental benefits since they can be used as manure. After consumption, their bones can be used to add phosphorous and nitrogen into the soil.

The nutrition values of pigeon meat include calories (238.6 Kcal), total fats of 12.6g, cholesterol (151.2mg), Sodium (85.7mg), protein (29.4g), iron (21.8mg) as well as vitamin A and C which contains 157.9 IU and 12.1mg respectfully. People eat pigeon meat for the various reason one of the reasons being that it symbolizes loyalty. The bird was used by the military to send letters. Additionally, the people eat pigeon due to its nutrition values. The high protein value (17.5/100gr) is close to that of beef (18.8/100gr) (, 2018). Proteins are important in supporting the immune system, act as building blocks in body tissue and supporting metabolism. Besides, the meat contains minerals such as selenium which help in reducing muscle pains, increasing thyroid functioning and reduce risks of heart attack. The meal does not have any negative environmental effects.

To sum up, the menu below shows some of the meals in a Chinese restaurant. Most of the meals are from Chinese cuisines. Furthermore, most are in the category of meats. There are also some vegetables and fruits such as spring onions and melon respectfully. Whole suckling pig is a meal that is mostly found in western and Asian regions. It is taken for its nutritional and healthy values. However, the meal has high cholesterol value. On the other hand, crab claws are found in most part of the world and are taken as wheat meat to the black (or brown) claw. The claw is strong testy and healthy. Finally, crisps pigeons are mostly eaten in China and Egypt. They are valuable to the environment for their byproducts.


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