Free Essay about Experience in Life

Published: 2017-12-18
Free Essay about Experience in Life
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Life Experiences Essay

During my years in high school, we went camping and I had to share the tent I was allocated with other students. It was hard for me as I had never lived with anyone my entire life except for my family. I had to learn to put up with my tent mates who eventually became my friends. To begin with, communication was a problem as we all spoke different languages. We had to learn some basic words from each other’s language for basic communication such as greetings. Also, we struggled to speak fluent English since all of us had acquired different accents from our backgrounds which made communication among us difficult. Additionally, our religions were different as there were Christians, Muslims, and Indians. Sometimes it was hard to even pray as there was no privacy and one felt that it was inconvenient to the others. For example, there was a certain Muslim who had to pray several times a day and thus was forced to look for other places to pray.

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The dressing style was also a challenge as most of the senior students dressed in a modern manner because they had been exposed in the several years they had been studying. On the contrary, many juniors dressed in traditional attires that were popular from their backgrounds. It was also a challenge to agree on what type of meal we were to prepare as everyone had their own tastes and preferences. Therefore we went hungry for around two days surviving on snacks as we did not agree on what to cook, eventually we had to compromise.

Life Experience Essay

Back at school we had to write reports on the camp trip. The teacher grouped us and at first, it was hard for me to communicate with one of my group members because he was Mexican. I had to use signs most of the times when I wanted to communicate with him. However, it was hard to match the signs with what he had knew but I kept making progress. I remember one time I told him to go for lunch by the use of the sign language but instead he started scolding me. Later, I came to realize it meant a different thing that was offensive to him.

Besides meeting Mexicans, I was also given a chance to interact with an Arabic guy. He knew little English and more Arabic which forced me to record him using my phone. I would later get help from an interpreter. I did not know that was the beginning of my troubles. One day, I approached two guys who were from the same country as the interpreter. The two gave me different meaning of what I had been told. Later, my teacher told me the way people are brought up is different and may end up understanding the same language differently due to experience, locality, and situations.

I had faced several challenges before I encountered them now. I will try to solve them quicker than those I faced during my time in high school. I have come to learn, Google translate helps in interpreting many languages to English. When I get a written document in soft copy, written or sound clip, I will search for translators online to help me identify the meaning. My experiences with the various people discussed have forced me to learn more languages to place myself in a better position. The experience has helped me be knowledgeable of several international languages which have made me better-positioned in linguistics than before. I believe my admission to prestigious University of Colorado will shape me into a better person than I am today.

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