The Role in Family Health Promotion. Essay Sample

Published: 2023-09-27
The Role in Family Health Promotion. Essay Sample
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How do you see your role in Family Health Promotion?

As a nurse serving in family health promotion, I will need to offer patients and family members the required information that helps in the management and ultimate improvement of the family members’ health. The work environment as a nurse allows the nursing role in family health promotion to become easy. A nurse can take full advantage of the time to include routine interaction with the patients and members of a family. Besides, this is an opportunity to educate them regarding health.

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Give an example of how you have promoted health in a family, as a professional or as a non-healthcare professional.

Some of the common challenges that people have faced in the modern world are illness as a result of the absence of physical activities or exercise. In my family setting, I have encouraged all members to observe daily physical exercise. The practice potentially helps promote health among family members as they avoid diseases such as diabetes.

How would you perform a cultural assessment in a healthcare setting?

The first phase, when doing the cultural assessment, is to learn regarding the meaning of a patient’s illness based on the unique culture of the patient. The next step includes the determination of how embedded the patient is in their traditional culture. It includes how the is aligned with his or her native culture as it has a major impact regarding healthcare teaching. The cultural assessment also includes asking about the patient's ethnic background, his or her religious preference, food preferences, and family patterns (Giger & Haddad, 2020). The assessment should also ask about health practices and eating patterns. It is important to first understand the topics to handle during the assessment and understand how to address these topics without offending a patient or the family as a whole.

Give an example of how you have identified and/or demonstrated cultural assessment or sensitivity.

I have attended to patients from different backgrounds during nursing practice. Navigation of the special religious and cultural needs of the patients can be unnerving. Likely, one can accidentally offend the patients of their family members if you fail t understand a key cultural practice. As I attended the patients, there are certain beliefs or convictions from the patients and family that were against my individual convictions or beliefs. The necessary practice, in this case, includes ensuring I remained aware of the cultural differences.

How social class can exert a comprehensive influence on family life.

Family life describes the household composition, marriage and childbearing patterns, and stability of the family. These aspects are strongly impacted by social class. In countries where the level of fertility is high, upper-class persons tend to possess more children than their peers in the lower class. In lower-class households, economic resources are found to be tighter, and they may struggle to obtain necessities such as health care. Middle-class families may live in high tax base neighborhoods, and the members may attend a well-funded healthcare facilities (Simandan, 2018).

Family’s culture and/or social class impact on family healthcare behavioral patterns

The culture of a family or the social class influences a family’s behavior to health. for instance, my family is very dedicated to promoting health for all members. It is our culture that all members of the family should observe the right diet and physical activity to avoid diseases associated with dietary intakes and lack of physical activities. Being in the middle class of society, we can afford a dietary routine to maintain the body's required calories. It also allows us to create time to practice physical activity.


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