Paper Example. Loss of Strength of Arms (Hands and Legs)

Published: 2023-04-20
Paper Example. Loss of Strength of Arms (Hands and Legs)
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As I grow older, I have noticed that I am losing my strength; my arms and legs do not have the power that they used to have when I was younger. Increased occurrences of fractures and falls have accompanied this lack of power in my extremities. I am not able to walk for long distances that I used to walk and, more importantly, I am not able to climb many stairs as I always feel tired quickly and also pain.

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Constant Constipation

There has been a change in my bowel habits as there is a reduced frequency of passing stool hence making me have continuous constipation. Although my appetite has also decreased, I have noticed that I do not visit the toilet as often as I should, and I feel bloated most of the time.

Loss of Memory and Thinking Skills

As I grow older, I have noticed that my memory is becoming less active since I usually forget familiar everyday things. I typically forget familiar names, words, and also find it difficult to multitask. This problem started gradually, and then it became worse as time went by.

2. For each change or loss mentioned by your elder, ask, "How did it make you feel?"

Loss of Strength of Arms

The loss of strength of my arms makes me feel helpless since I cannot do most of the activities that I used to do. I feel like in case of an emergency whereby I am required to rush out or run; then I will be in trouble since I can no longer be able to perform such tasks.

Constant Constipation

Constant constipation makes me feel uneasy due to bloating and noises coming from my stomach. This has reduced my confidence; hence I am not able to go out and meet my friends or do other outdoor activities, which has dramatically affected my social life.

Loss of Memory and Thinking Skills

The changes in my memory make me feel worried since I fear that someday I might forget important things such as my family members. If this problem reaches that stage, then it will not only affect me significantly but also my family members who mean everything to me. I fear that I might even forget to do vital activities for my survival.

3. For each change or loss mentioned by your elder, ask, "Have you adjusted?"

Loss of Strength of Arms

Although this condition has affected the quality of my life, I have been able to adapt and adjust appropriately. Since the time that I went to the doctor, and he gave me medication for osteoporosis, I have been able to regain some strength. Hence I can do necessary daily activities.

Constant Constipation

Although I have not been able to eradicate the problem, I have managed to know how to cope with the situation. To increase motility and reduce the occurrence of constipation, I have been eating health diets that contain high fiber foods such as whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. I have also been eating foods with fewer fats and drinking a lot of fluids.

Loss of Memory and Thinking Skills

I have done tried to adapt to the changes in my memory loss by ensuring that it does not progress but to make my memory and thinking skills better, which has shown positive outcomes. To promote cognitive health, I usually ensure that I have done physical activity as my daily routine to increase blood flow to the brain to ensure that it functions properly. Additionally, I have been eating healthy diets that benefit my mind, such as whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. To stimulate my mental skills for better thinking, I have been trying to stay mentally active through reading and playing word games.

Summary of Visit with Elder

Describe losses the elder has experienced related to:


The injuries and changes that the elder has experienced have reduced his productivity. The loss of strength of the arms due to the weakening of bones and loss of bone integrity has caused adverse effects to the older adult as well as his family. He is not able to do many activities, which reduces his productivity due to direct pain and deformities, as well as the frequent fractures. Constant constipation has reduced his productivity since he is not able to go to work due to the negative impacts of the condition. Loss of memory has also reduced his productivity as he is not able to work due to the lack of capacity to recall things or think critically.


Loss of strength has made the life of the older man difficult since he is not able to do necessary daily activities, which has made him relocate from his storey building that had stairs to another house that has only one floor. The bone disease has also made him be admitted and hospitalized in many instances in severe episodes. Constant constipation has made the older adult relocate to an area where there are facilities for physical activity in an attempt to increase gut motility for better bowel movements. Loss of memory also made him relocate to one of his children's home so that he can be taken care of since he could not live alone with this condition.

Relationships with others

Loss of strength has made the older person not be able to do some physical activities such as walking, which has hurt his relationship with his peers as he cannot go out to meet them. This has dramatically affected his social life. Constant constipation makes the individual stay indoor hence he is not able to form healthy relationships with his peers. Loss of memory has strained his relations as he tends to forget people.


The older adult is at risk of dying due to comorbidities that come from lack of strength due to bone conditions brought by old age. Many people die directly from bone diseases, while the majority usually get a fracture that leads to a downward spiral hence leading to death. Constipation puts the older person at risk of death since fecal impaction and fecal incontinence can cause stercoral ulceration, bowel perforation, and intestinal obstruction, which could be life-threatening. Loss of memory puts the older adult at risk of death as he can forget vital things such as safety rules while crossing the road hence putting his life in danger.

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