The Sickkids Organization - Free Essay

Published: 2023-08-20
The Sickkids Organization - Free Essay
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Competitive Advantage The methods used in improving competitive advantage include lowering the cost, wide range of attributes, and partnerships with other agencies. The SickKids organization includes people with various ailments and problems since it ensures the provision of fast and quality medical services. The philanthropic firm does not have a fixed amount of money that people should donate, making it different from other non-profit organizations. The firm allies with other organizations such as Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment to ensure that they do not run out funds when conducting efforts (Comacchio, 2017).

Differentiation SickKids Foundation created various programs to deal with a wide range of services hence providing customer satisfaction (Rowland et al., 2017). It is an approach that aids in setting the institution apart from its competitors. The CiDrep model entails providing financial assistance to individuals, research facilities, and health institutions to cater to the less privileged (Blanchette et al., 2016). The Herbie initiative focuses on rendering amenities such as surgical procedures to people within Canada. It does not provide for non-medical needs such as accommodation. The company introduced the VS marketing campaign, which involved the use of real families and the organization's employees to share their stories and experiences, indicating the importance of such an organization (Clapperton, 2018). The initiative focused on creating awareness about the challenges children face due to diseases in different places. The platform showed the importance of providing consistent medical care services to the young generation. The VS program helped the company to raise millions of dollars to cater for the establishment of a health care facility (Clapperton, 2018). The firm should set up health care facilities within inaccessible areas to ensure health promotion.

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Commoditization is a process that occurs when clients can purchase the same goods or amenities from a wide range of companies or individuals (Barnett, 2018). Several firms have the goal of providing support to the less privileged community, which encourages the concept of commoditization in the SickKids Foundation (Blanchette et al., 2016). The company should employ the use of effective business models to evaluate the target market. It will ensure that


In conclusion, there are various strategies employed to ensure that companies meet their goals in terms of increasing their competitive edge and attracting new clients—for instance, segmentation, marketing mix, and differentiating. SickKids is a pediatric-based company that provides financial support and medical amenities to impoverished communities. The institution relies on donations from companies and individuals to conduct its operations. The paper showed the impact of evaluation techniques in improving customer satisfaction.


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