The Rise of Totalitarianism after World War 2. Free Essay.

Published: 2019-09-23
The Rise of Totalitarianism after World War 2. Free Essay.
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The Second World War was a disturbing chapter for many European nations giving way to totalitarianism, a form of governance associated with a strong central rule and minimum individual independence. After World War II, people needed strong leaders who could assist their nation to recover from the war and the Great Depression. Military commanders and nationalists believed that totalitarian leaders were in a better position to repress internal resistance to provide room for national unity needed to reconstruct the infrastructure and economy.

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Totalitarian leaders employed coercion and repression as ways of dealing with resistance. They initiated a single-party system to suppress political opposition. In so doing, tyrannical leaders were able to dictate their subjects without fearing to lose their elective post through a democratic voting system. They also employed strict government control in all the aspect of life in a bid to deny people a chance to air their grievances or question their rule.

A Description of the Course of the War in Europe until the end of 1940

In 1939, Adolf Hitler, the chancellor of Germany, triggered the Second World War after invading Poland. Britain and France declared war on Germany, although they took little actions. In the beginning 1940, Germany successfully invaded Norway and Denmark followed by Belgium. The Netherlands and France became Germany's next conquests. Later, Hitler launched air strikes on Britain. However, British Royal Air Force repulsed the attack making it Germany's first defeat.

Analyze the ways in which the U.S. aided the Allied powers without joining the war.

During World War II, the US provided significant military supplies through a program known as lend-lease by providing hard currency to pay for military supplies and food without demand for an immediate payment.

Describe the different ways that America responded to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

American declared war on Japan, the public opinion in favor of intervention increased, and the clandestine support for the United Kingdom was replaced by active alliance.

Examine how the Allied powers turned the tide of the war in Europe

In 1940, Hitler launched air strikes on Britain. However, British Royal Air Force repulsed the attack making it Germany's first defeat. Greece also defeated Italy marking the beginning of victories of the allied forces.

Examine how the Allied powers turned the tide of the war in the Pacific.

During the Battle of the Midway, the allied forces changed the course of the war when an American plane radioed the position of the Japanese air force. Consequently, the allied forces planes flew above the Japanese and dropped boobs that caused devastating damage.

Discuss the ways in which the Home Front experienced setbacks in Civil Rights for different groups of people

Although Home Front allowed African-Americans and other minority groups to take active roles in the military and the economy, discrimination against them hindered their full integration to the White-dominated American society.

Identify the methods used by the U.S. government to support the war effort at home

The government expanded manufacturing to produce the much-needed supplies that could support war and federally mandated desegregation to allow minority groups to take active roles in the war.

Explain how the Allied powers defeated the Axis powers in Europe

The allied forces managed to defeat the allied forces by cutting their supplies. Without logistical support, most Axis troops could not continue fighting.

Define and describe the Manhattan Project and the consequences of the use of the Atomic bomb

The Manhattan Project was a research that led to the development of the atomic bombs that the US used to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bomb did not only kill and injured many civilians but also led to severe environmental destruction due the harmful radiation effect associated with the highly toxic material used.

Define and describe the Holocaust and its results

The Holocaust was genocide committed by Adolf Hitler and his forces that led to the death of more than six million Jews.

Examine the American response to the German Anti-Semitism campaign

American Jew leaders pushed for a boycott of German goods to protest Germanys Anti-Semitism campaign. The US government agreed to ease visa regulations to allow Jews refugees into the United States.

Analyze the effects of World War II on international relations and American society

The Second World War led to the establishment of strong ties between likeminded ties. The American society realized the need to put aside gender, racial, and cultural differences and instead work together as a nation.

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