Free Essay Example on Customer Service in a Hotel

Published: 2018-04-02
Free Essay Example on Customer Service in a Hotel
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Hotel case study

Since the changes in the hotel management, there was only one customer service analysis conducted. The management, therefore, saw it helpful in informing the staff on the handling of clients. The management at this moment hopes that this provided information will be useful in bettering customer services in this hotel.

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As you are aware, the hotel has online booking services, which enables it to be reached by more customers. The management is glad that the staff has been handling online booking orders well; this has led to an increase in the number of clients received. Even when hotel services are in high demand, the management congratulates the staff for handling such situations with precision and consideration. This has provided our customers with the assurance of our online services. The management, therefore, hopes that the administration of the online system of services is kept up.

The board also apprehends the management for the job they do in checking in guests. Customers have complimented the hotel when checking in; this shows that the staff is up to their demands. The time a customer takes at the check-in counters is short, also, when checking in; the customers' luggage is properly taken care of. Customers with cars, pets or children have also been having an easy time checking in; this has given us an upper hand against our competitors.

Customer service in hotel industry

The hotel management is also pleased of how the staff has gladly adopted to the changes in management. Considering there were a lot of significant shifts in the administration of the hotel, the staff has been properly linking with the new members of the administration, which was positively past our expectations.

However, the management of the hotel reprimands the staff on the handling of guests enjoying accommodation services in this hotel. The management has received some complaints from the customers following their treatment as guests in this hotel. The attention given to guests is dismal, slow and less courteous. Guests seeking assistance from the hotel staff are usually kept waiting before they receive such assistance.

The operation of orders given from the rooms, which is the work of room service staff, is also slow as described by customers. Customers requesting for room service take a while to be served and are served leisurely. Some customers have also complained to the management on pressure from the staff to receive tips. It is prohibited by the rules to request for tips from customers, tips from customers are free willed. The staff is therefore warned on asking for tips from customers, and appropriate punishment will be taken against such staff.

The hotel management also reprehends the staff on little assistance provided to the customers when checking out. The management reminds the staff that in this hotel; service is our primary aim and must be attained continuously up to the moment the customer leaves the hotel premises. The staff should, therefore, assist customers checking out as much as they would help customers checking into the hotel.

Having addressed these issues, the management expects the staff to uphold the good deeds and correct on the depraved ones. For this establishment, the satisfaction of customers is critical; therefore we should all try our best in serving our customers to ensure proper customer satisfaction.


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