Essay Sample on The Rise of Newark

Published: 2023-08-07
Essay Sample on The Rise of Newark
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Newark is a city in New Jersey and has been existent for a more extended period. The city is made up of schools, churches, businesses, and many other economic, social, and political activities. It is a city that has been deeply religious in the past and is made up of unexceptional villages. It has developed a trade hub and has a good transportation system. The essential path of Newark city is that it has a crucial route in American colonial history as it is between Delaware and Hudson Rivers. After many colonies around the globe found their independence, Newark emerged and built its economy by transforming villages into urban centers, and it became a great city (Tuttle 12). During this period it undertook a significant transformation, and it developed at an extraordinary pace by incorporating various cities. It developed sufficient roads, canals, and railways because of the crucial industrial power that developed during this period. Trade patterns were enhanced by leaders, and it developed an excellent reputation for the city. Confederate causes and the efficient atmosphere built in Newark facilitated the people during the civil war.

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Many people and families were looking for a quiet and peaceful place to reside after the civil war, and various individuals found Newark to be conservative. The wide river in Newark and fairly level lands facilitated the people to live as it had good roads, farms, and homes. The lands were fertile and had the best climate that produced peaches and apples. People were also allowed to practice their religions freely, and there were limited oversights. The city attracted many settlers and wealthy people such as John Berkley that aimed at helping the communities to pick their leaders.

At the colonial era, Newarkers aimed at building an inward community where people valued their work and religion. After some time, Newark did not live to its theocratic ambitions because of outside influences that could not be avoided and the pure human nature. Conflicts began to rise because of the rights to own land, religious activities and businesses. The wealthy, populace class and spiritual communities aimed at ending Newark’s era as one society.

The Newark settlers did not want to become a trade hub only but establish a centre of power and make the towns a better place. The city expanded to the northeast to grow its trade and market. The prime location of Newark attracted traders such as craftsmen to set up their businesses. Many leaders and businesses people facilitated the development of Newark (Tuttle 14). Leaders created an enabling community by providing immigrants to live in the city and create job opportunities in the city. The wealthy traders and merchants opened new businesses in the city and motivated people to establish businesses and earn a living through the profits they accumulated.

Trade developed along the south, and the north and many businesses ideas were established. These business activities attracted people to live in the regions, and this created an enabling environment. Individuals such as Boyden moved to Newark to make a better living such as building microscopes and telescopes and repair of guns and clocks. Many entrepreneurs found an opportunity to explore in Newark, and this made the city to grow extensively.

The city developed slowly during the era as many business people and inventors improved their activities and kept their business secrets in avoiding stringent competitions. Many experiments were established, and this yielded more flexible products, and it created an extensive and successful business process. The growth of Newark was attributed to the canal that it created water routes between the Delaware River and New York Harbor. Massive infrastructure projects were developed in Newark, and it developed the city to be an urban centre.

Low tax rates established in Newark attracted manufacturing companies and businesses to undertake their activities effectively. The overall health of the city improved and safety. A lot of funds were used in improving public services such as police and fire departments. Newark grew to become the most significant industrial city, and its population improved over time (Bartlett 475). Lands were preserved for public parks and buildings were established to promote businesses and enhance development. The real estate’s became valuable, and other significant changes were made during this period. Merchants and business people understood their responsibilities, and their practices improved over time. Many people boasted of their wealth and better connections in an environment.

Many democrats established their businesses in the city and influenced other people to engage in various business activities. Leaders advocated for change during this period and fought for the rights of the people in this era. Politicians began to venture into politics by holding various campaigns and influencing the people. Many motions were advocated for, and the Democrats rejected them. Resolutions were established, and few leaders supported these practices. Newark was ranked among the best due to its overall industrial output in the US.

Newark expanded its public transportation systems and citizens earning disposable incomes emerged. The city became a convenient place to work and live as businesses grew, and the serenity was conducive (McGregor 148). Various festive holidays and celebrations were held in Newark, and this made it to rise and attract people. As the population kept increasing, public activities and infrastructure developed. ‘Newark’s fate had already been sealed’ shows that the practices that the leaders and people in the city undertook resulted in their increased population (Tuttle 22).

During the civil war, a peaceful agreement was reached between the south and the north, and during this period, Newark improved its businesses through its scope and output. The city also recorded a more significant number of immigrants, and a lot of jobs were created through factories established. The number of residents increased, and new people kept coming building a massive population influx (Woodard 256). The high population made Newark increase its prominence and have power. These led the city to build roads, improve its businesses and promote the health sector.

Many political leaders emerged during this period and influenced employment rates and managed to control the ballot box. Conflicts of interest rose when politicians collided with businesspeople, and it created differential public policy problems. As Newark kept growing many political issues developed and corruption enhanced in the city. Borders were created during this period, and foresight leaders realized that the issues affecting Newark were extensive and it posed a threat to the ambitions that Newark had built to becoming leading metropolises. The rise of Newark was extensive because of the increased population, enhanced business activities, effective leadership and innovations by entrepreneurs.

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