The Relationship Between Freaks and Norms, Literary Essay Sample

Published: 2022-04-26
The Relationship Between Freaks and Norms, Literary Essay Sample
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Freaks mean a very unexpected situation that occurs in a particular community or place while norms are the opposite of freaks in that it entails the usual or standard events within a particular community or in a place. The two Novels Night at the circus and the Geek Love contains various occurrences which tend to explain the relationship between the freaks and the norms in a generation. The stories also contain what is considered to be right or wrong. All these are discussed in this writing, and a clear relationship between freaks and norms are going to be seen in a more illustrative manner about the two stories.

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Night at the circus is a story in a novel which focuses on the life and capitalizes on a particular woman who was believed to be a virgin developed from the egg laid by the parents. This made her be celebrated in the story having developed fully out-grown wings. She the novel involve categories of narrations including magical realism, postmodernism, and postfeminism. The woman says in the story that she was left at the doorstep of a brothel while at the age of a baby. She was just a healthy baby up to the age of puberty where she started menstruating and also developed complete wings. The woman's name is Fevvers, and she's later on in the story sold to the customer who wishes to offer her as a sacrifice to obtain his immorality (Carter, pp47-61).

Geek love is a novel about a traveling carnival. The couple in the book begun to breed a show which is a freak. They used various drugs and materials which are radioactive to interfere with the genes of their kids. This transformation changed their boy to have flippers for feet and hands, and the other one was just a healthy baby with powers. The Story started in the passage was set into two time periods. The first deals with the struggle of the children throughout their lives while the second is set in the present and it is set on Miranda who is the daughter of Oly. Funnily the girl does not know that Oly is her mother. (Dunn, pp23-28).

In the Geek love story, couples are seen using drugs and radioactive materials to change the genes of their children. This practice is seen a freak since it's unusual to alter the genes through the artificial way. They also breed a show which is a freak. So it is apparently noticed that there is a relationship between uncertainties and norms as what is a freak can also be a norm. Parents have the right to do anything to their children as long as they think it's the best for them. Hence, trying to use the drugs and the materials which happened to be radioactive to alter the genes of their children was a usual thing to them. This then made the situation to them be like a norm. This explains that what can be a freak to the other community or individual it can be a norm and a way of living (Dunn, 2006).

Night at the circus novel mentions brothel; this is seen where Fevvers is left at the doorstep of a brothel. The mention of a brothel shows that the community in this novel is involved with various kinds of immoralities which are seen as a freak in its kind of a way. In the story, Fevvers is sold to a customer who wanted to sacrifice her to cleanse herself from the sexual immorality. All these show that the community setting is full of evil. The community in the Freaks and Geeks American comedy are in since they value good reputation and education as a whole. This illustration shows where the author talks about Lindsay being an academic-oriented student who values education but entitles her to the group of having a bad reputation when she joins a gang of freaks. Lindsay brother Sam also gets involved with a group of geeks making him unsocially acceptable in the community hence he's out of the norms. These explanations show who is in and who is out by social life and education basis (Carter, pp34-45).

Night at the circus also tends to show who is out and who is in leaving a small baby at the brothel doorstep is seen to be unacceptable and horrible behavior. And by motherhood, this is understood to be out. It's further noticed that this baby grew up to puberty stage and sold to the customer who wants to trade for a sacrifice to cleanse her immorality. This is seen to be out since human sacrifice is not acceptable in real life. The use of drugs and radioactive materials to interfere with the genes of a human being is seen to be an out practice and is not acceptable at all. I saw this happening in the Geek love novel. In the story Night at the circus, a young girl is seen growing up normally after being dumped at the doorstep of a brothel by the parent. The baby lives a normal life and grows up to puberty where she experiences menstrual flow and develops fully grown wings. This is seen to be out of normal since a normal human being should not do not have wings. Having a brothel in some communities might be normal since the practice of immorality in some communities is a normal thing All these illustrations show who is in and who is out on various basis which I discussed above (Carter, pp56-76).

As a conclusion, it's shown that the two above stories; Night at the circus and Geek Love shows a clear relationship between freaks and norms. It is also clear about what was in and what is out in the above two stories.

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