Promotion At Work Essay Samples

Published: 2018-02-15
Promotion At Work Essay Samples
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Career ladder promotion

Promotion is an effective position in any career. Individuals craves the next position because of various reasons depending on performance, reputation and proving professional skills.

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In line of duty, personnel desire promotion because they would a higher position. For instance, a person may have served a career for a number of years like 7 years and beyond. During this time, other personnel in the career and qualification are hired at higher positions. For this reason, a person feels downgraded considering the individual have enough experience in the same line of duty. Thus, a promotion is desired for this particular person.

An individual is driven by promotion to expand wage bracket. Profession may go back to study to enhance their skills with a promotion goal in mind. Advance skills through a master degree depicts quite a huge salary for that individual. Higher salary is directed to personal reasons such as living standards, economic upgrade and private development.

Nonetheless, an individual may desire a promotion to effective showcase professional skills and create an attractive portfolio for future purposes. A promotion motivates any individual to be more productive than before, because there are a number activities assigned under the position. It also improves experience and exposure towards the career in play.

In summary, promotion is positively perceived towards career goals. People should have valid reasons and ready to take more responsibilities under any promoted position.

Career promotion

Promotion is whereby a person is raised from one level of job career to a higher level of job career. People aim at getting promotions as a result of different reasons such as prestige, money, superiority and respect which is acquired on getting promotion. As a result of promotions people get well paid as a result of salary increment which also leads to prestige. Superiority is also acquired as a result of promotion whereby one is considered more superior than other people who have not been promoted. Respect is gained where one is seen as a leader of lower level people and with this the person is respected more than others. Promotion comes as a result of someones effort being appreciated or being considered more skilled and experienced to fit in a higher level of job compared to what he or she is currently working on and hence being promoted. People being promoted are expected to add more effort on their job which intern leads to a better performance of the organization generally. People being awarded with promotions are those who have been monitored for a quite a good time based on various considerations as per the organization.

Promotions at work are usually based on

There are exist various reasons that compel individuals to continually strive to work hard and succeed in their workplaces. One such cause is the wish to get a promotion. in the contemporary society, people strive to be promoted and explore available opportunities of growth. People strive to get promotions in order to enjoy the better pays that accompany such promotions, In addition, promotions are a sign of leadership and higher class. For a few individuals, promotions serve as a way of attaining self-actualization. With business entities, promotions are platforms for employees to acquire a higher credit limit, increased transportation allowance, house allowance, and even a chance to posses a company car. Promotions are positive motivations which transform a person's behaviour towards recognition, reward, and personal growth. Some promotions are chances for employees to get chances to extended leave days and chances to enjoy in other counries. Promotions are chances for others to be managers and employ their managerial skills. Some empoyers act as good role models, an aspect which motivate their juniors to be like them. The only way for juniors to attain their' role model's status is via a promotion.

For some people, promotion is a way of demonstrating their hardwork and dedication, particularly, when a promotion opening arises. As such, people will put in more effort, work diligently, and demonstrate patiences and excellent behaviour.

Promotion in career

First and foremost we should define promotion in simple terms as an act of an employee being elevated to an higher rank in his or her current position in work place. Promotion comes in many different ways; for example the employee may earn promotion due to good performance(merit) or as a result of having served the company/organization for a certain period of time depending on the the company polices.The company's human resource department is concerned in promotion of its employees and in rare cases "demotion" which is the opposite of the promotion. Promotion acts as a reward for the hard working employees and demotion is like a "punishment" to an employee.

Promotion automatically comes with good benefits/packages that includes "goods' like salary increments or allowances as compared to the previous position the employee was before the promotion. In some cases promotion leads to one getting the position or the title "boss' to his/her peers; the title that comes with respect and perceived prestige. Companies usually gives different treatment to its employees depending on the employee grade. For instance you'll find the social amenities for junior staff different from those of their bosses like housing,insurance cover, security and most importantly the salary.

It is clear that money is a measure of value and media of exchange; salary is the major motivating factor for many employees to seek employment and leave the comfort of their homes to come to work daily. It is therefore important and reasonable for many people to seek promotion from their work place so that they can improve their earnings and in the long run improve their lives and those of their dependents. People are faced on day to day with bills to pay which requires one to have money in order to survive in the modern world. Money is almost equal to everything in the life of a human being especially to those who live in urban areas which requires them to buy almost everything for them to put food on the table. All these expenses and needs requires money which is limited to many thus promotion comes in handy for any employee.

In economics the law of law of demand and supply states that when goods/service is of low supply, the demand will be high and vice-versa. In our case we can say the promotion(s)rarely comes our way and these promotions are very limited in any organization and why you find many employees are driven to very few promotions that are available in any organization.

We can then conclude by saying promotions in any organizations are very hard to come our way and they come with goodies and thus the major reason why people scramble for these limited promotions so that they can improve their lives through good salaries. Employees lives and their welfare are very critical to both the organization and the employee himself due to the fact that the company is after profit making and the employee wants good life for himself and that of his/her dependents.

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