Essay Sample: The Questions on the Gender Roles

Published: 2019-10-18
Essay Sample: The Questions on the Gender Roles
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The topic clearly addresses gender roles as shown in Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House. The play shows that gender roles rely on perception. For instance, in the play, men and women have different roles to play. Women always remained at home while men went out to work. The play looks at different achievements of men and women in their roles. A good example is of Nora a homemaker and her husband Torvald who is said to be working outside. The other related story is of Mrs. Linde who was as well a homemaker and her husband works at bank. In the play women seems to be of the same level in terms of education and men to be of varying levels. For instance, Torvald is promoted in his work due to his education level and hard work. On the other hand, women are expected to be submissive and take care of every general issue at home. They are to look after the children and other house chores. This topic further explores the changes in gender roles in the modern society. The play expresses gender roles to be divisive in the family, but all in all love conquers the challenges in the family. For instance, in Torvalds house there seems to be a fight frequently because he feels that he is in much control and need no advice from the wife. The gender roles then come to change at the point when Torvald plans to replace Nils Krogstad with Mrs. Linde. This shows that today the gender roles have changed and there are no gender specifications anymore.

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Questions addressed to the class

Question 1: What are the effects of gender roles in the society?

Gender roles are a challenge to the familys integration as through it there is no equal treatment between husband and wife. The man is said to be more superior and the decision maker in the family. Women on the other hand are denied the opportunity to grow I that they cannot venture into the corporate world. Torvald blames Linda for every slight mistake since he feels women are less wise. In this case, Linda trys to show that she can overcome this tragedy.

Question 2: Identify different gender roles between men and women?

Gender roles vary from men to women in the traditional society in that men were to go out to work while women were homemakers. Women remained back home looking after the children and other house chores. However, in the modern society gender roles are no under any specifications as men and women share the same roles.

Question 3: How to eradicate the effects of gender roles?

Gender roles effects are still visible in the modern society as men still expect women too be submissive in most of the undertakings. A brief and active solution can be education as to the importance of everyone in the society. In that women and men are given the same opportunities. Through this, women will grow immensely and this is true as women can now rise to certain posts that men occupied before.

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