Essay Sample on Why You Should Further Your Education

Published: 2019-06-18
Essay Sample on Why You Should Further Your Education
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Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to give this speech on the importance of furthering your education. First of all, I begin by acknowledging the effort that you have all put in to ensure that you do not skip a meal. It has taken your sweat to ensure that your children have access to education, and quality education for that matter. However, I would like to categorically state that things can be better than they are right now. Notably, the low income jobs that you have been having can only lead you to meager salaries that can barely cater for a decent life. Therefore, your children will also have the probability of landing in the same predicaments (Richeal, 2014). However, all is not lost, since the way to be better lies within you. As such, to improve your job status, it is important that you go back to school. It will not only give you a chance to further your knowledge but it will also create a bargaining power within you that will make see you have opportunities good jobs and better understanding of some of the problems that affect the current generation..

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Most of the colleges and universities are offering education to adults at very affordable rates. Additionally, they are cognizant of the fact that you have might be having families that you take care of daily. As such, the educational facilities will give you a leeway of choosing the time that you will undertake your studies (Richeal, 2014). In that regard, ladies and gentlemen, there is an urgent need for everyone to take advantage of these opportunities and go back to school. Nobody should lose focus on their purpose of life. Besides, furthering education education will help to unlock those better opportunities that are not available right now. Specifically, the high end jobs require that one has the necessary expertise and skills. These skills, ladies and gentlemen, can only be acquired through advanced learning.

Looking forward, only a higher education degree will be able to compete successful in the market. In this regard, there will be an influx of jobseekers that are qualified with different educational credentials. According to Winter (2015), to withstand this competition, we have to make a decision and make it fast; that we will go back to school and get a and advance our education in a manner that is relevant to the current and future market. You should be satisfied with the position that you are holding now; it can be better. Decide now and decide fast. The future is still bright but you should avoid procrastinating issues as time waits for no one.

Ladies and gentlemen, your dream of becoming a better people is not lost. The opportunity is there, but what is remaining is for you to take the initiative. Firstly, make a decision that, you do not want to continue with the low income that you are getting. Take the second step which is to visit the nearest educational facility. Afterwards, enquire for the fees and register for the next academic year. Education does not discriminate against anybody as it takes all of us equally; as students. Ladies and gentlemen, act now and move with speed. A better life, and a better living for you and your families will only be achieved through an advanced level of education. Do not be ashamed, look at your future and seek to better it by going back to school. Furthering your education can never be disappointing; it will eventually pay by giving you a higher income.


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