Essay Sample on the Progressive Era in the United States of America

Published: 2019-09-13
Essay Sample on the Progressive Era in the United States of America
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The cartoon symbolically represents the division of government power into the hands of the population through democracy in elections. It precisely explains how the will of the voters determines the election of a president which in this case was President Wilson and other electoral seats. This was one of the main objectives of the progressive movement, to have a direct democracy. Women were also given the legal rights to vote in the elections. The state lawmakers were believed to be manipulated by large corporations. The corruption had escalated in the government and the progressive movement declared to fight it. It was pioneered by President Theodore Roosevelt who was president from 1901 to 1909. Large corporations influenced the policies and bills being passed. The large corporations also indirectly influenced the outcome of elections through bribery and corruption, thus the voters will was not considered. The cartoon indicates how the happy voter celebrates after the having an influence on the election. It led to the election of presidents through a democratic process. The will of the voters determined the outcome of elections.

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Political reforms and social activism took place during the progressive era. Eradicating corruption and pioneering the use of science and technology to curb the societys weaknesses. The progressive movement also pioneered reforms in the medicine field, public education, and industries. Regulating the monopolies and passing of anti-trust laws reduced the large corporations influence on the government. Some of the political leaders who championed for the progressive movement were: President Theodore Roosevelt, William Jennings, Charles Hughes and President Woodrow Wilson. The awakening of the American society greatly influenced the change in electoral process and more so the achievements of the progressive movement who wanted a change in the traditional methods of carrying out state legislation. They fought for modernization. Senators were supposed to be elected by the American citizens and not appointed by state legislatures. The National American Woman Suffrage pioneered the passing of legal rights to allow women participate in the voting process.

Such pure democracy helped the American people decide on who is the best candidate and cares about their needs. Changed was inevitable during the progressive era. The common American citizen felt oppressed by the system. They felt that the government did not heed their concerns thus they had to influence the outcome of elections which they would elect a responsible government. Progressives like Jane Addams who won a nobel prize, was popular for fighting for such rights. President Wilson was elected due to his progressive remarks which supported democracy. During the progressive era most corporate behaviors were challenged. Those accused for corruption were arrested. The progressive movement advocated for justice and equality which was also to be carried in elections.

The American election totally changed since the will of the people was accounted for. Most of the people were given the opportunity to express their views through elections. Democracy impacted the outcome of elections. The large corporations did not have any influence on the state law makers anymore. The governments power was now held by the voters. The administration would be liable to voters. Giving the control of outcome of the elections helped foster equality among the American citizens. Electing the senatorial seat helped the voters gain more control over the law makers. The resources were equally distributed. The common citizen acquired influence on the administration and also would question the bills and laws being passed.

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