The Summary of Evidence Used

Published: 2023-01-10
The Summary of Evidence Used
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In the very first place, police officers always have throughout all the incidences suffered as the victims of circumstances. The main reason seems to be the fact that were relocated to Zone 9 police station, whose location is co-located with number 17 Fire Station, which again is within a mostly residential neighborhood. The suspect seems to have had a clear target to the police vehicles since most of the victims of such criminal mischiefs happened explicitly to the police vehicles. However, the suspect had to always create some confusion to not to be directly known of his intentions, and thus he also ended up affecting some of the firefighter's vehicles, besides those of civilians. Besides, it is only around the station whereby parking has become quite a difficulty to the extent that the residents would start complaining.

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Additionally, due to various identified reasons, the firefighters and the police within this area have not been getting along well with each other. In connection to the parking process, some of the residents were spotted for illegal parking around the station. As an additional criminalization, the police officers ended receiving cruel punishments which saw three of the officer's end up being disciplined with one of them getting fired. The main target of these criminal mischiefs mainly targeted the police vehicles both the marked and the unmarked. Even though three people were arrested during surveillance, it was not direct evidence for the detectives to believe that they were directly involved with the incidences of criminal mischief attacks, since they were caught while smoking marijuana across the street from the station.


Several questions can be drawn from the scenario about individuals or groups involved in the incidence, their target, and the time frame that has been used to execute the mischief. The following are the intelligent analytic questions that would aid in identifying the suspect:

What was the main interest of the suspect and why were the police officers and their vehicles targeted in the very end.

Why did parking become to raise the alarm since the fall of 2012, and even led to more than 50 incidences occur between 2012 to 2016?

Why is that it was only the police vehicles that were targeted and not that of the firefighters to whom they were closely located.

Since police officers and the firefighters did not get along well with each other, could it be the genesis of all these mischiefs? If not, then why that is the firefighters were not affected at the same rate as the police officers.

Finally, could there has been any conflict of interest between the police and the firefighters, and in this case, for what reasons would the firefighters not be comfortable with the police being located near them?


In a more precise way, the main suspect, in this case, is the firefighter's group. The main reasons behind such an outcome are mainly because, despite both the police and the firefighters being located within the same area, it is only the police officers and their vehicles who end up receiving the climax of the criminal mischief attacks. Since the police and the firefighters within this locality did not seem to get well with each other, and the height of all mischiefs was directed to the police. Hence the main suspect, in this case, is the firefighters.

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