The Perfect Boss - Essay Example

Published: 2022-03-03
The Perfect Boss - Essay Example
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The perfect boss's name is Ava. It all began on September 03 2017. I went in for the interview just like I would for any other job, then an after one day, I got the call that changed everything in my life. I got the job! I was ecstatic. At that moment, My future was looking bright, and I was ready to make the best of it although I could never prepare myself enough for the job ahead of me. In this story are some of the best and worst parts of the job and one person who was there through it all. I went from being a child to an adult during my growth.

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I work for a pressure washer company. It began about five months ago when I came in for the interview. Before this job I had no permanent job so to go from doing anything, I wanted to then have rules at work was a bit different to me. At that moment, I had no idea what to expect, what to wear, among others numerous questions that were running through my head. Since taking this job, I have grown thanks to one person, boss, and coworker Ava. She is the definition of an amazing boss. She is patient, understanding, kind and a great lunch partner.

From the moment I started working, Ava has been there guiding me the correct path. When I began this job, I had a fear of talking on the phone. Ever since I was little, I would clam up, stutter and more when I even had to say hello on the phone. She helped me quickly get over that, and I am grateful for what she did. With going to school online sometimes I have to call my professors. Furthermore, I have to speak to customers that call in on a daily basis, and I have to call customers with past due to payments to inform them. I had to leave my outgoing voice mail.

It took a total of four times to get it right because I was getting hung up on the simple sentence asking the person calling to leave a message. Ava was patient with me through to the whole ordeal. I would often try to rush the customers off the phone so that I could hang up. Then I would end up having the wrong information or even wrong spelling. So I began to take my time and even say, "I am sorry could you repeat that?" to the customers I just could not understand.

The first call I had to make was to a customer who was not so happy about my past due to payment call. She began to develop an attitude and became angry. When I told Ava, she helped the customer and reassured me that some customers are not as patient as others are. I have made my fair share of mistakes. But instead of getting mad, Ava helped me, fix the problem. My main problem was that I wanted to be fast at my job instead of efficient. I thought there was a time limit. When I was a not working, everything had a certain time span, from the time of studying to watching television. She calmly explained to me that I could take my time. I told her "I am sorry I keep messing up all the time", she told me "don't worry, just be calm, you always have more time than you think". She would rather let me take a little longer and have it right than have to go back and fix the mistakes that my rush had caused.

One time I thought I had disappointed her and the owner. Being the sensitive person that I am, I broke into tears. I became embarrassed and took off to the bathroom. She was still calm when I returned, and he let me calm down first. She reassured me that I did not disappoint her and I just need to pay attention to detail, which was another one of my bigger problems.

The first couple of months of the job were rocky. From learning the filing system to having to slow down when I am used to being the first one every day with everything, paying attention to details even the littlest ones. Also learning and understanding that mistakes will happen or can happen anytime. Deal with difficult customers from time to time. Just need to keep my head up and a smile on my face. If it were not for Ava, then I would have had a nervous breakdown already. Before starting this job, I knew nothing about pressure washer and everything that goes with them. I am glad I had a helping hand through everything.

I have learned that sometimes getting out of your comfort zone you learn new qualities, new task, a new way of doing things and meet the lifelong family. The people I work with are the definition of a working family. Taking this job with this company when I had no idea what I was doing or what was going on around me, I have learned a few things. Details are everything; the fast pace is not always the right place, be efficient in your work. Most importantly one should be patient as sometimes not getting the numbers to match can cause you to stress and maybe even want to scream. I am grateful Ava took me under her wing and helped me grow in these last five months. It also helps that my job supports me furthering my education to brighten my future even more. I am grateful for them and for having the opportunity of working with such great people and learning new things.

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